Mustered Out on Mertactor


Watching the Watchers

Will’s shift goes without incident. At 06.00, Max arrives bringing Arvor on shift for the round-the-clock surveillance and taking Will back to get some rest.

At 08.00 notices something. He sees that he is not the only one who seems to be on surveillance duty. He notices that there is someone else, parked very unobtrusively further down the street who has been sat in his car for a while. At 08.00, the watcher is relieved by what appears to be a colleague. They exchange notes for a few minutes and then the original watcher heads off, to be replace by the other.

Arvor keeps the watcher under close surveillance. His initial thoughts are that the watcher is protecting Round and his property. However, as Arvor continues to watch it becomes increasingly evident that the watcher is not looking around the property, but directly at the property. His suspicions are confirmed when, at precisely 08.30, Round gets in his car and heads off. He sees the watcher immediately pick up his radio to call in Round’s movement before making notes. The watchers are obviously keeping tabs on Round – the same as the party members are doing.

Arvor calls the information in to the other party members who are having breakfast at the time. Once they have finished, Max drives all of them round to the location where they keep a watch on the watcher.

They have a long and dull wait as it is not until 16.00 until the watcher is relieved. As he heads off, Arvor jumps in the minivan and they all head off tailing the watcher to see where he is heading. Much to their surprise, they see him parking up in front of the mayor’s office and then disappearing inside.

The party members discuss what to do next. Taeva enters the building and says that ‘the person in the beige coat who just walked in dropped his ID badge’ and can she go up and give it to him.

“Agent Silas?” the receptionist asks. “Unfortunately I can’t allow you up there, but I can pass on a message.”

“Tell him I will wait for him in the coffee shop opposite,” Taeva says. With that she takes her leave. She then joins the others in the minivan where they can keep an eye on both the mayor’s office and the coffee shop. A little over half an hour later, she sees Agent Silas come out of the office and heading for the coffee shop.

She sees him standing there looking around. He doesn’t seem furtive, just curious as to who the mystery lady might be. Taeva enters behind him and takes a booth. Agent Silas spots her and comes to join her.

Taeva is the first to mention Round, interested to spot Agent Silas’s reaction. He is certainly intrigued. Taeva tries to sound out whose side he is on without revealing too much information the party members have and who they are. Although she can’t be a 100% sure, it looks as if Agent Silas and the other Mayor are against Round and his activities. He is part of a four man Forum Security team who report directly to the Mayor and are outside Round’s jurisdiction. Taeva gives Agent Silas some dire warnings about what will happen if he tries to follow her, which Silas finds more amusing than threatening. Taeva asks for his cellphone number so that she can call again if necessary and Agent Silas hands her his card. Taeva slips away from the coffee house. Silas is good to his word – he doesn’t try and follow – he just finishes off his coffee before heading back to the mayor’s office some ten minutes later.

The party members head back to the hotel in order to decide what to do next. They decide that the Mayor seems to be one of the good guys in all this and so decide that he is their best chance of getting justice. Taeva nods and gives Agent Silas a call. He tells her that it’s too late to arrange a meeting with the mayor today as he will have gone home already. But he tells her to come to the office at 10.00 the following morning when he will arrange for the mayor to be present for a meeting.

The group spends the rest of the evening planning their strategy for the meeting – deciding upon exactly how much of what they know that they should reveal and how much to hold back.



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