Mustered Out on Mertactor


To Parlek Port

It was another long and rather tedious journey back to Overnale with no passengers to entertain the party members. After spending their days on their regular training activities, they got together in the evening to discuss what they will do once arriving back on Overnale.

It’s shortly after midnight on 121 when Overnale is looming large on the vidscreen of the bridge and Arvor calls down to Parlek Port control requesting a landing slot. Permission is immediately given and so, at a little after 1.00am, the Princess puts down at the Class-C port.

Compared to Lorton Down, Parlek Port is large and could do with a bit of a refurb. Much of it seems to be operated by the Metallia Corporation, which shuttles constantly going to and from a couple of large bulk freighters in orbit above the port.

Customs at Parlek Port is a lot more laidback than was the case at Lorton Down. As it’s the middle of the night, the solitary customs guard just waves the party members through with just a quick glance at their passports and then allows Max to bring the AGC through the main vehicle exit.

The others settle in for what they know is going to be a pretty long journey in the somewhat cramped conditions in the rear of the vehicle.

Once they are out of the Parlek City limits, Max grins:

“Right then, let’s see what this baby is capable of.”

He sets the controls to skim over the highway at a height of just a metre and then floors the accelerator. Within a matter of seconds, he has the AGC up to 450km/h which sends the others in the back quickly buckling up to avoid being flattened against the rear doors. At this time of night, there is little traffic on the roads – just the occasional 18-wheeler truck which Max takes great delight in getting as close as possible to before just skimming over the top of it.

At such a speed, it takes just an hour before they get to the border crossing from Parlek to Mareksport, the largest of the city states that comprise the Sea League.

Although they are simply waved through the Parlek control, they are stopped by the Mareksport officials and everyone is told to get out while the vehicle and the passengers are searched. Once again Jie comes in for some special treatment by the guards who find her body pistol.

Max rolls his eyes as he once again follows Jie into the security office. The others hang around waiting for an hour until Max and Jie come out – Jie minus her body pistol and Cr. 1,000 that Max managed to negotiate her fine down to.

They get back in the AGC and the security forces remind Max that the speed limit here is 150km/h. Max sighs, but nods his head in agreement, understanding that they really don’t need to get any bookings by the cops in the Sea League in case their system is linked with the one in Lorton, and then sets off at just 150km/h.

The rest of the day is spent on the long and dull journey, following the highway as it heads west in the direction of Lorton. As the sun starts to rise, they stop off at a roadside diner for breakfast and again, some five hours later for lunch.

It’s late in the afternoon by the time they arrive in the village of Omberston – the last village before the border that Mareksport shares with Lorton. Max parks the AGC in the lot of a cheap motel and the party members take dinner before they get some rest after the long day of travelling.



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