Mustered Out on Mertactor


Preparing for Departure

The party members spend the day preparing to depart. Grim orders fuel for the ship and spends much of the rest of the day giving the drives their regular monthly service.

Autumn spends the day taking bookings from passengers. By midday she reports that the Princess should be flying out full, hopefully with most of the staterooms occupied by high passengers rather than cheap ass middle passengers. She also restocks the staterooms and tops up the life support systems after it was depleted during the refugee uplift from Oculus City.

Max spends the day finalizing his purchases which start to get delivered late in the afternoon. He plays it safe with the purchases, filling the cargo hold with engine components, hydraulics and piping – goods for which there is a constant decent demand that should grow the party’s now substantially depleted trading fund while not gambling on a large, but risky, cargo.

Jie and Taeva go shopping for while they have their last chance for purchasing on such a high-tech world. Taeva gets herself some grenades, while Jie buys herself a new vacc suit and then goes shopping to boost up the entertainment lounge of the Princess with new games, equipment, and padded massage chairs.

After a hard day maintaining the engines, Grim settles down into one of the luxurious new massage chairs Jie brought aboard and, like any good Engineer, turns it up to maximum, just to check the operating parameters, ya know.

As it kicks into high gear, he sighs, and says, “I’m gonna name you ‘Duchess’, cause your look says nobility, but your fingers say tramp.”

Turning to Jie he asks, “Hey Jie! Nice chairs! Did you get any Vargr on Hiver vids for the holoplayer?”



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