Mustered Out on Mertactor


Return of the Max

It’s shortly after breakfast when Max returns with a swagger in his step, a glint in his eye and a bulge in his pants.

“Awwight gang, it’s nice to be back,” he says, genuinely happy to be reunited with his colleagues. “So did you miss me?”

He comes over to Autumn and Taeva.

“Do you want a look at The Beast then, ladies?” he grins.

“I think I’ll pass on that,” says Autumn.

“So Max. This thing in my hand isn’t actually a gun-its called a Data Corer," Taeva says. "Basically it generates a short range EMP pulse which plays havoc with electronics and computer systems. My question is – this new penis of yours. What what happen if I held it near here and pressed the trigger?”.

Max shrugs:

“I dunno, darlin’. I didn’t ask about that. I’d probably end up with the muvver of all stiffies that wouldn’t go down for a month. Although it might drop off too, I suppose. I guess I should really buy it a cyber-condom to wear to stop it from happening.”

“Or is it organic?" she asks. "Don’t be coy Max.”

“I bleedin’ wish, darlin’,” Max replies. “I bleedin’ wish!”

“Anyway, enough of the dickin’ around for the moment,” he says, tossing his bags into the stateroom that he shares with Arvor. “Autumn an’ I need to start earnin’ our keep again fastish or else we’ll be out of cash.”

“I’m on the case, Max,” Autumn says with a hint of irritation.

“Awwright darlin’, don’t get yer knickers in a twist. I was only checkin’.”

“Anyway, I need to get crackin’,” he continues. “Prepare to watch El Maestro at work.”

He flexes his fingers and starts pressing number on his commo.

“Awwight mate, it’s Max. So whatcha got for me today? I’m in the market for high-tech today – headin’ for Overnale so them carrot-crunchers should be easily impressed.”

“Maybe. Depends on ‘ow much yer askin’ for it.”

“‘Ow much??!! Yer ’avin’ a bleedin’ giraffe mate! It ain’t worth that an’ you know it. So stop pissin’ around an’ give me a sensible price.”


Anyone got any intentions or want to make any last minute purchases while you are still in Glisten? It will probably be a while before you see another TL:15 world so buy now while you have the chance.


I bought a Gauss Rifle with some of my remaining cash- not worth sending you updated sheet just for that. Added some grenades too.


Which prices are you using for grenades? CSC? When kitting out Vassily for Ian’s game, I was quite surprised by how expensive grenades are – especially RAM versions.

Use these prices rather than those in the original rulebook.

I also noticed that the CSC rules have larger blast radii for grenades than we have been using, but that armor is doubled against frags. I will use these rules in future now I have read and digested them.


OK, if my math is correct at this moment Jie has 191,498 Credits. (That’s after all the stuff she bought, living expenses, the trainer, ect….ect…) She then goes to where Will sold his piece-o-crap TL12 Vacc suit and bought his KPITA. Jie does the same. She sells her TL14 Vacc suit that cost her 38K or so and buys a KPITA Suit for 51,060.

This will leave her with 140,438 Credits. She then goes shopping to boost up the entertainment lounge of the Princess with new games, equipment, and padded massage chairs. She spends 40,438 on this.

Now, what kind of movies to buy…


I used CSC


Grim settles down into one of the luxurious new massage chairs Jie brought aboard and, like any good Engineer, turns it up to maximum, just to check the operating parameters, ya know.

As it kicks into high gear, he sighs, and says. “I’m gonna name you ‘Duchess’, cause your look says nobility, but your fingers say tramp.” Turning to Jie he asks, “Hey Jie! Nice chairs! Did you get any Vargr on Hiver vids for the holoplayer?”


(Grim spends on repairing his BoardingVacc and topping off his ammo; otherwise he’s good.)


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