Mustered Out on Mertactor


Recce of the Warehouse

When the party awakes, the see the grayness of dawn emerging through their windows. After a quick breakfast, they all head for the air/rafts once again in order to observe the warehouse from a distance.

It looks little different from the satellite image that William had pulled up a couple of day’s earlier – a nondescript industrial unit on the edge of Evander – with other similar units to the south and east, with rolling prairies to the north and west. There are just two large doors into it – north and south. Four beat up old pickup trucks are parked in the large car park surrounding the building, although there is no obvious sign of activity inside.

Knowing that there is 30 more hours of daylight ahead of them and 36 hours before the air/rafts are due back, there is no hurry to investigate too closely, and so Taeva suggest that they stake the place out for at least 24 hours.

It’s going to be a long, dull and rather cold job as it’s been getting colder and colder every day and so the party members take it in shifts of eight hours each – Taeva and Max; Arvor and William; Jie and Grim. Taeva and Max take the first shift, with Taeva keeping an eye on the main door to the south, and Max the loading bay to the north. The others just head back to the motel where they try to amuse themselves in this less than exciting town.

For the first five hours of the shift, nothing happens. Then, at noon, some more pick ups arrive and Taeva counts 12 staff members coming in while 12 staff members leave. Three hours later and the air/rafts drop Arvor and William off a good distance from the building and collect Taeva and Max.

Arvor and William have a completely uneventful shift and are relieved at 23.00 by Grim and Jie, returning to the motel to get some rest.


Grim and Jie… Why do I get the feeling things will not be uneventful in the next post? ;)


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