Mustered Out on Mertactor


Heading for Evander

It’s dark when the party gets up. After breakfast, everyone bids farewell to Shania and Hyrm for a while and heads to the air/rafts once again, taking all their gear with them, then head northwest, following the line of the swamp as the two drivers make their way. It’s going to be another long, dull trip and so Max takes the opportunity to get more flying practice in.

By 13.00, all are feeling hungry again and so set down on the banks of the River Ouiloss – the dividing line between the Nob Plan and the newly settled territory of Stenden. Once the meal is finished, the return to the rafts for the afternoon’s journey.

It’s still dark at 19.00 when they see the bright lights of Evander ahead of them and the drivers slow down before reaching the town limits. Evander looks like a larger version of Plainsville with it’s population of 21,000. At least there’s a choice of hotels to stay in. Clint asks around for directions and is directed to the Bellevue Motel on the edge of town.

The party members check in. Arvor spots hints of a Pavabidian accent as the pretty receptionist comes out with the obligatory “You’re not from around here, are you?” line.

Knowing that it’s not going to be possible to make much of a reconnaissance in the dark, everyone has dinner and a few drinks in the bar before having an early night, so as to make the most of the light the following day.



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