Mustered Out on Mertactor


Burying Mr. Traske

When the party members awake, they already find that Hyrm is out in the front of a ranch, starting to dig a grave. Apart from Taeva and Arvor who William tells to take it easy for a while so their wounds will heal, the other party members help with the digging.

When they have finished, Shania makes breakfast for them. She is dressed in black. She has stopped crying, but says little during the day.

Hyrm calls around all of the neightbors within a few hours distance by air/raft informing them of the bad news and telling them that Taeva’s father will be buried later that evening. Shania spends the whole day cooking for them. The party members offer to help her, feeling useless in these circumstances, but she shoos them away saying that she needs to keep busy to take her mind off things.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you,” Hyrm says as the party are sat around in the lounge waiting for the guests to arrive, “We got the nobble harvest contract. We should know the date and time in two or three days now.”

The party members dress in their best clothes and wait for the guests to arrive. The ranch house slowly fills up from ranchers from around the South of Nob Plain. Everyone is sad that Taeva’s father is gone – offering their commiserations to both Shania and Taeva.

Hyrm leads everyone out as the body is laid to rest. Hyrm says a few words as everyone looks on sadly and then they cover the coffin with dirt. After a while longer, everyone heads back into the ranch house for the wake, before setting back to their own ranches a few hours later.

Once the ranch house is quiet again, everyone heads for their rooms. They are anxious now to get away; anxious to avenge the death of Taeva’s father.


Probably these things have been already suggested, but just in case:

During the interrogation, Arvor would make sure he took down names of the thugs, made note of accents etc. Also, established the exact location of the company in Evander. He would ask of any call signs used in communications, and any communications schedule.

Suggest that William make an analysis of Tarsuline moss – checking for medicinal / pharmacopial properties.

Suggest that (since there are now a bunch of neighbours here) an armed search party with extra drivers go out to re-capture the thugs and bring them to justice, as they represent a danger to any ranches in the vicinity. The group should also take the two remaining air/rafts, (to perhaps make a secret approach to the company hq in Evander) back to the ranch.


Good ideas Dominic. William will indeed study/research the moss further. We might also consider getting the neighbours to help remove those stakes from the swamp, unless Hyrm and Shania want to keep them operating as predator-deterrent. The bad guys probably know their thugs are in trouble by now anyway. What about the police? If the neighbours capture the thugs, the police are more likely to get involved sooner than later.


There is very little about Tarsuline in the network. With such an abundance of nature on the planet and small population, research has only been made on a small percentage of all the flora and fauna onworld.

It’s beyond William’s ability to determine too much about the moss – he’s not a botanist and doesn’t have the necessary equipment to find out much about it even if he has.

As Grim turned the stakes around to face the opposite direction, they are now acting as a repellent to the predator’s in the swamp, so Hyrm says that you might as well leave them there.

In this sparsely populated area, the Tarsus Defense Force is comprised of militiamen. A proportion of the guests at the funeral are likely to be militiamen and so Hyrm tells you that the neighbors wouldn’t form a lynch mob – they would refer it over to the TDF. If the TDF get involved, then Hyrm warns that it will end up as a legal matter and the party members will need to be involved throughout the judicial process, which is going to take a lot of time.

Unless the party members are willing to hang around Tarsus for months, then Hyrm doesn’t see that it will bring any benefit to get the TDF involved.


“Hyrm doesn’t see that it will bring any benefit to get the TDF involved.”

Grim likes the idea of not involving the authorities. Besides the fact that we’re already handling this extrajudicially, we can possibly leverage SuSAG (or whoever’s bankrolling the operations against the ranch) into making a deal with Shania and Hyrm, potentially giving them a new revenue source to save the ranch!



Re: TDF – fair enough, I just didn’t want to end on the wrong side of the law.

So – we should consider making a beeline to the offices of Evander Agricultural Engineering. I think we need to introduce Mr. Billie Joe to Mssrs FtI, Durandel and Betty. I think they can make a persuasive argument to get full disclosure from BJ. With a voluntary confession, we could have it all nicely wrapped up in time for the Nobble Harvest.


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