Mustered Out on Mertactor


Dropping Off The Cargo

The party members are able to sleep in for a while, but Autumn is up quite early as she needs to sort out the cargo. Oculus City starport received so much damage that it is not going to be ready to resume normal operations for several weeks, and she still needs to arrange the delivery of the 60 tons of foodstuffs that the Princess is hauling.

Autumn spends much of the day on the commos to Oculus City, trying to get hold of someone there who is authorized to make decisions. By early afternoon she has managed to get the local Sternmetal Horizons representative to take delivery of the foodstuffs in Galvatron instead. She tells the others that it is not going to be possible to take the tritium ore back in return though because all operations out of Oculus City are on hold for the foreseeable future. They’re going to have to go back empty.

The party can just take solace in the fact that the Cr. 80,000 that they received from Yaj is worth a fair bit more than they would have received from shipping the ore.

Now that they know the situation, Jie dons the Cargo Walker exo-skeleton once more to help unload the cargo, while Autumn arranges the paperwork and takes the cash for the freight charges of the foodstuffs. By late in the afternoon, it is all finished.

While the others were sorting out the cargo, Grim uses a little time to see to his Uncle Owen and his Aunt Beru, and his nephew and niece, before they leave Therak. Just to make sure their Hab is OK. Fortunately they live in Galvatron and not Oculus City, and so their hab is totally safe. The disaster at Oculus City has led to the governing body of Galvatron to review their emergency plans and backup generators.

Later, during the quick break, he tries to work himself up to comming his mother and father, but without success:

“Best left for another day”, he thinks.

There is little else for the remainder of the party to do while they are here and so Will asks for clearance for take off. Permission is immediately granted as they really need to landing pad for shuttles back and forth to Oculus in any case and so the Princess is soon taking off and manoeuvring through the asteroid belt for a couple of hours before the ship enters clear space so that Will, Arvor and Jie can relax a little while the autopilot takes over for the long stretch back to Banfi Highport.



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