Mustered Out on Mertactor


Loading the Cargo

The party members are up early in order to receive the delivery which arrives by a convoy of grav/trucks to the docking bay.

Autumn checks the paperwork and finds it in order – 60 tons of rather basic foodstuffs – a container of canned fruit, a container of hydproponically grown rice, a container of ramen noodles, a container of soy mulch in a variety of fake-meaty flavours.

Wary after the Swordies in the veal container fiasco, Arvor and Taeva open up each container and walk through them to check that there are no unwanted guests hiding inside, but all seems to be in order. Jie gets to use her new Cargo Walker for the first time, enjoying the immense feeling of power that the suit gives her as she easily maneuvers all of the containers into position where they all but fill the entire hold of the Princess.

Not wanting to take any chances anyway, Taeva programs the prowlerbots and robo-dog to patrol the inside of the cargo bay and then firmly secures all of the iris valves to the area.

It’s 11.00am by the time that all of the cargo has been loaded. Grim is in the engine room warming up the drives while Will is going through his pre-flight checks ready for the 11.45 departure slot. He is joined by Jie and Arvor on the bridge as they take their positions, with Jie plotting the course to Therak, once again struggling to input all the data on the flight path given to her by the GCA.

The Princess departs from Banfi at precisely 11.45 and Will carefully navigates the Princess through the asteroid belt, enjoying the feeling of being back in the saddle after six weeks away from the controls. After three hours, the ship is out of the asteroid belt, out in open space now on a journey to the far side of the belt, a journey that will take them close to Gliss.


“Huh.” Jie says to no one in particular on the bridge “After all that rucus, this seems real nice. Just tolling around the ’belt like this.” She orders another de-caff green tea from the counter-bot then sips it loudly.


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