Mustered Out on Mertactor


Back to the Starport

As is customary, the party members meet up for breakfast to discuss their plans. Taeva checks the progress of the air/rafts her mother sent over and sees, via GPS tracker, that they are halfway to the starport now and so they should arrive on time.

“I have a couple of interviews with potential drivers set up around lunchtime,” she says. “There wasn’t too much of a response because we need them at short notice, but hopefully they will work out.”

Having spent the previous day dealing with the cargo, Max needs to go shopping. Taeva gives him a list of everything that she thinks he should need and the address of the best shop they found the previous day and he heads off.

With little else to do for the day, the party members have a look at the sights of the city. As pleasant as it is, there’s nothing here that you can’t find on a dozen other worlds.

At noon everyone heads back to the hotel where Taeva arranged to meet the interviewees. Only two turn up. One is Clint Robeson, a young guy who was born on a Nobble ranch before finding the lifestyle to be too boring and so he headed to Newland to find more interesting work. Unfortunately, he never really found it, which is why he’s applying for the driving job. Seeing a lot of similarities between Clint’s story and her own, Taeva agrees to take him on.

The other applicant is Billy-Bob Squire. A former grav/biker, Billy-Bob was involved in a serious accident which broke his spine, losing him his job as a mechanic. He’s still a very capable driver though and the party members realize that it will be useful to have a talented mechanic with them in case there are any problems with the air/rafts and so agree to take him on as well. The drivers agree to a salary of Cr. 1000 a week and Taeva arranges to meet them at the starport at 7.00am the following day.

The party members check out of the hotel and spend the rest of the afternoon wandering around the city some more. It’s a small city though and so there’s little left to see by the time it gets to late afternoon. They take the Mag/Lev back to the starport and check back into the same starport hotel that the were in the first night on Tarsus. Knowing that they have a long day travelling ahead of them the following day, everyone gets an early night.


((Nick you put last two logs in reverse chronological order!…))


Thanks for pointing it out. Obsidian Portal’s clock function must have been on the sherry over Christmas unless there was a tear in the space/time continuum I didn’t notice!


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