Mustered Out on Mertactor


The Recovery

Due to the medical marvels that they can perform at a TL15 military hospital, Troll, Ham, Arvor and Neb are all released during the morning after being kept in overnight for observation and make their way over to the Ritz Carlton to meet with the others.

Grim and Vera are well on the road to recovery now, but the doctor tells them that they should take another day for complete recovery. They regain consciousness to find that they are in adjacent beds.

The other members of InterSol and the Expendables spend another pleasant day enjoying the five-star comfort of the Ritz-Carlton at Elixabth’s expense. Conchita leaves in the morning to survey the damage that was sustained during the assault.

Mid-afternoon a mousy, accountant-looking bureaucrat arrives from the embassy. He returns all of the equipment that the party members were forced to abandon during their escape and informs the assembled members of InterSol and the Expendables that Ambassador Serlusconi has authorized a payment of Cr. 20,000 for each person involved in both raids in gratitude of their heroic actions in addition to footing their bills at the Ritz Carlton. She is also taking care of the totalled grav/van which Lyn is getting a great deal of grief about from U-Haul.

With nothing else better to do while their colleagues are recovering, everyone is happy enough to take full advantage of the Ambassador’s expense account by getting completely wasted on the free alcohol on offer, partying until the small hours of the morning.



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