Mustered Out on Mertactor


Kiimii's Call

The party members start to get tired of waiting, especially Taeva who is most in a rush to get back to Tarsus. There is not much else for the party members to do now – the novelty value of high-tech Collace highport now waning after they have spent so long here and everyone has finished shopping.

At 13.00, Grim finally gets the call that he has been waiting for. Kiimii tells him that she has now assembled all of the crew members and departure time is set for 24 hours’ time – at 13.00 the following day.

Grim passes on the news to the others and there is much relief all round that they will shortly be moving on to Tarsus, especially from Taeva.

“Nice one!” says Max. “I reckon we should go out an’ party tonight as it’s gonna be our last night ’ere for a while.”

“I’m not sure that’s such a good idea,” says Jie.

“Awwww, don’t be so borin’, girl,” Max says. “You gotta let your ’air down a little from time to time.”

Jie sighs," Well, alright then – if everyone else is going then I suppose that I will accompany you. But just the one drink."

The party members head off out for a few drinks that evening to celebrate their final night on Collace. Grim, William and Arvor know that they have to be up early to join the ship, however, and so they have to head back to the hotel before midnight.

Despite her earlier protestations, Jie definitely seems to be getting into the party mood now and says that she doesn’t want to go back yet. She says that she wants to go dancing.

Max has a grin from ear-to-ear entering a club with two attractive women. It’s not really Taeva’s scene though and she’s had enough after one drink. Max doesn’t really like the loud techno either and so tells Jie that he will escort Taeva home (forgetting the fact that, if there was any trouble, it would be Taeva protecting Max’s ass rather than vice versa). Jie tells the others that she will stay for just one more drink and see them back at the hotel later.


Please let me know if anyone has any intentions for the final 24 hours on Collace, otherwise I will move things to to the journey.


Good to go.


OK here. Whoo Hoo party time !!


Let’s roll!


ready, chief.


Jie stumbles toward the boarding plank of the Uguin’s Princess carrying everything she owns on her back. Not that the weight of her medi-kit, various guns and what not weigh a lot, it’s just that she is having the sectors worst hang-over. The last 24 hours were truly a blur to the well inebriated ex-marine. The memories swirl around her head like vultures circling the dead and at this moment, eyes squinting in the Collacian sun, she wished she was. Jie leans against the passenger door of a platinum colored grav-limo just out side the launch tube of the brand new trader.

She seems to recall dancing in an ice cave where the holo-vid lights were reflected off of the cold, shiny walls to make a garbled image that gyrated in time to the booming music that echoed in the packed hall. Moving in rhythm to the latest new dance hit just shipped in from Coreward, she was covered in sweat and wearing next to nothing with a bottle of cheap whisky in one hand and a man named Demitre in the other. He was young and lean and spoke almost no Galanglic but he could dance. He wore make-up, (Make-up!! Jie bows her head in shame) and was part of some diplomatic blaa blaa blaa, the details elude her in the sun light. She remembers telling the other ex-marines at the club that she had met that night and bar hopped with for the first of the evening that she and the boy were gonna leave and make some music of their own. Demitre was a master of many tongues, a cunning linguist so to speak, but they didn’t do much talking. She has a flash of memory of her walking to the Zhodani Consulate with Demitre happily worn out and slung over her shoulder then it cuts to her at the tram station belting out Imperial war anthems at the top of her lungs, and…

”Oh my god I killed a Clown with my bare hands!” Jie says just as she forcefully vomits most of last nights contents into the passenger seat of the grav-limo.

She wipes her mouth on her sleeve. No…not a clown but some kind of automated food service speaker made into the form of an ancient red haired, yellow jumpsuited icon of fast food. Jie remembers that she had the munchies and this freak of a robot was giving her flack because of her accent. So she ripped its friggin’ head off. Feeling better, she pushes away from the limo and walks to the Uguin’s Princess. There on the welcoming plank was Kiimii and her father and her new crew.

Jie has to stifle a laugh when she sees the Engineer, Gunner,——- and the other crew. They were dressed in what could only be described as Kiimii’s vision of an intrepid merchant heroes uniform. It was high grade full body spandex with thigh high leather boots and a velvet cape that came down to the mid-back. The color scheme for the uniform, and the ship, was black and pink and feathers were highly featured. Judging from the expressions of Grim, Arvor and William who were standing and greeting the guests with forced smiles, they were having second thoughts about working passage. She also noticed Taeva and Max pretending not to notice each other in preparation for their ‘Grand Plan’ (Jie was very against acting the ass to gain a profit. Hidden agendas were loathe to the forthright soldier!).

”Now remember pookums,” says the elder Uguin’s Shaaskuu “never trust your lackeys to do a competent job!! Always look over their shoulder and never miss the opportunity to correct them!”

”Oh Daddy, I know that!” Kiimii replies with short tempered poutiness tempered by unbounded enthusiasm. “Now get out of here and let me live my life. Ohh! Ohh! Tell Mummie to keep up with my correspondence. I don’t want Sir Drukkos or Sir Frummiere to think I am not interested in their proposals.”

Jie stood behind the two as they bantered, the line of passengers growing as the new owner and her father talked of banal things. Once, Kiimii glanced at her with a look one would give a wad of greasy hair in a sink drain then she just totally ignored Jie altogether. After an embarrassingly long moment waiting to be acknowledged, William waves Jie aboard with a hip high flick of his hand. She walks ahead into the grateful dimness of the Uguin’s Princess. Just as she passed the last of the crew she spies a complimentary bottle of champagne on ice. The label looked old and the date stated it as a year 894. Picking up the unguarded bubbily, Jie thinks this will go along way to easing her hang over. She cracks open the cork with her teeth and takes a glorious drink of booze draining it almost in one swig. She turns to watch the noble man Shaaskuu leave the launch area head shacking in the classic fashion of a man filled with great advice that has just been ignored.

”People!! People!!…” Kiimii announces over the speakers “We will now christen the maiden voyage of Uguin’s Princess with the most expensive bottle of champagne I could find on Collace!!! Stewards…Bring me the bottle!!!” Jie spews the last of the champagne on the wall in shock as she hears this. The 2 stewards turn to see her holding the empty open bottle as her blood drains from her face.

Off in the distance towards a platinum colored grav-limo Uguin Shaaskuu’s booming voice could be heard screaming “Who’s vomit did I just sit in?!?!?!?!?”


Hey Nick, I don’t know how to edit thes things once posted. Could you change Williams job from -- in the 5th paragrgh to Pilot. Thank you.




(2nd Jay)


Go Jie!


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