Mustered Out on Mertactor


Buying More Goods

Realizing that there’s going to be nothing much for them to do for the next few days, the party members getting on with their training exercises.

Max, however, is busy again as he spends the day looking for cargo and freight for the return leg of the journey.

He returns back late afternoon with the results of his labor.

“I got us 10 tons of alloys at 15% off ‘olesale, plus 10 tons of basil for 30% off – that’s 130k worth of gear for 107,500.”

“There’s plenty of freight available, but they’re runnin’ a cartel ‘ere and so I can only get Cr.400/ton for it. I got us 60 tons of wheat to ship so that we’re goin’ back full, so that’ll be another Cr.24,000 for the kitty.”

The other party members give Max a pat on the back for all his hard work. There’s nothing more that he can do now apart from waiting for the freight to arrive at the starport.

There’s another party on that night; this time in the empty cargo hold of a Collace registered Free Trader, so the party members have another good evening out.



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