Mustered Out on Mertactor


Selling The Stock

At 09.00. the starport and commercial zone starts to come to life. Captain Aebath gets the ship refuelled and reprovisioned immediately that the Port Authority Offices are open. As is the case with the party members, he’s ready to leave as soon as possible.

It’s time for Max to earn his keep now. He starts off by delivering the freight to the shipping agent. There are no problems here and the agent accepts the cargo and credits the party’s account with the agreed Cr37,500.

With that taken care of, Max then starts knocking on doors around the zone, looking for someone to buy the cargo.

He returns in the late afternoon looking a little disappointed.

“I managed to get Cr.8500/ton on the pipin’,” he explains. “That’s well below regular ’olesale, even though we still managed to make some profit on it. I got full ’olesale on the ovens though, so I guess it could be worse.”

“At least we ain’t goin’ to ’ave to pay any taxes on it anyway.”

The others cheer Max up. After all, he did manage to make around Cr35,000 on the goods.

“There’s worse news though,” he announces. “Goods only come into this place one a week an’ the last lot came in jus’ yesterday, so we’re gonna ’ave to sit around ’ere another six days unless we want to return empty.”

As the party’s payment for the mission is solely dependant upon what they will earn from utilizing the Rover’s cargo hold, they know that they can’t afford not to wait, and so they resign themselves to having to sit around the place for a while.

A few hours later, there’s a knock on the airlock door. It’s the captain of one of Type-R from Collace who invite the crew to come and join them, which the party members are only glad to do. Upon arriving at the ship, they find crews from several other of the ships there. These crews regularly go to Pavabid and it is traditional for the crews to entertain one another each evening as there’s nothing else better to do in this place.

The party members have a very enjoyable evening swapping stories with the other crews, learning some useful bits of gossip from around the subsector. As the evening comes to a close, the party members stagger back to the Rover under the glares of the watchful guards, revolted by the offworlders’ drunken and decadent behavior.



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