Mustered Out on Mertactor


Training During Jump

Any thoughts that the party members may have had that this was going to be a relaxing pleasure cruise were swiftly shattered at 0600 the morning after the jump with the sound of Sergeant-Major Brandt pounding on everyone’s doors and yelling, “Rise and shine, you ‘orrible lot. It’s time to get to work.”

“Fack off an’ leave us alone,” groans Max’s voice from his stateroom before he turns over and goes back to sleep. A couple of minutes later, Max is rudely awoken once more as a bucket of cold water is thrown over him. Brandt doesn’t say a word as he storms back out of his cabin.

An hour later and the party members, still groggy from the excesses of the night before despite having breakfasted, are assembled on the cargo deck. Mornings are spent learning the stun carbines which the Sergeant-Major hands to each of them. Learning how to fire the weapons is not at all difficult, especially for Jie. They are a lot easier to fire then slug pistols as there’s not the same need for accuracy. Care and maintenance of the fragile and sometimes temperamental weapons is a completely different matter, however as there is a lot to learn.

Afternoons are spent learning how to operate the grav/belts. Initially there is a lot of bruising as party members learn to control the devices, often sending them careering into the containers on deck. Everyone gets a little better with them day-by-day though until they have the basics mastered.

Evenings are spent in the common room over dinner as everyone takes it in turns to cook. They go a little easy on the booze on subsequent evenings though, knowing that it will be another early start the following day.


Nick, was this training intensive enough to give us at least level 0 in stun carbines and grav belts? Should we be adding to our skills lists?


Yes, you can add stun carbine-0 and grav/belt-0 to your character sheets.

The training was very narrow, however, and so it does not apply to any other weapons/ means of transport in similar groups.


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