Mustered Out on Mertactor


Finding The Freight

After continuing to come up empty handed for freight and mail the previous day, Grim is finally able to track down a company that has some freight that is bound for Pavabid. A 20 ton consignment of industrial chemicals plus 30 tons of engines for Pavabid’s ground car assembly plants.

Together, Grim and Max head on over to the supplier in order to discuss a deal. The supplier only wants to pay the standard shipping rates of Cr.500/ton but, after an hour of negotiation, he manages to get the price up to Cr.750. Once they have shaken hands on the deal, the pair of them check the goods. Once again, the goods are from major corporations and so everything is in order. Together with Arvor, they then arrange for the goods to be loaded onto the Forine Rover.

Once again, the party members meet up for dinner at the end of the day.

“I think that we’re going to have to give up on the search for mail now,” says Arvor. “The Forine Rover is all ready for departure now and I’m coming under increasing pressure for us to get on our way.”

Max nods. “We’ve only got 10 days to get the freight to Pavabid an’ findin’ mail is hard what wiv none of us ‘avin’ friends in high places here. We’ve filled 70 of the 80 ton cargo ‘old as it is an’ so we ain’t done bad.”

“I’m ready to push off tomorrow if the rest of you are too.”

The others nod in agreement, ready for a change of scene after five days on the highport and anxious to get on with the mission now. Arvor phones his contacts and asks for the Forine Rover to be made ready for departure at noon the next day.

Everyone heads off to their rooms after dinner, enjoying their last night in the luxurious suites before they spend another week in the cramped confines of starship staterooms.


Just a note – I’m using the Book 7 rules for trading where the base price for freight is only Cr.500/ton compared with Cr.1000/ton in the main rulebook. I don’t know why they changed it.

One advantage though is that it makes speculating without a starship easier if you only have to pay Cr.500/ton instead of Cr.1000. In CT it was hard to make a profit on spec trade without a starship unless you were hauling high value cargoes.

Please let me know if anyone has any final intentions before leaving Collace so that we can get underway immediately on the session.


So that we don’t get bogged down with the minutiae of the shopping list during the session, I’ve deleted a few of the more expensive items of the list bringing it down to Cr.17,425 which is well within budget now.

Let me know if there are any more changes to make.

Where are the Painkillers and Body Stall Injector from? I can’t find them in the CSC or main rulebook so I don’t know what they do.


They’re in either Agent or Scoundrel.

Each painkiller has a Rating-the ones I gave you are rating 28 I think. As you take damage your stats go down, and in MGT this affects your bonuses. The rating of a painkiller essentially allows you to ignore the minuses from the Rating amount of damage. In this case 28 points.

Taking Taeva as an example she doesn’t actually have 28 pts total physical attributes so I would set a limit on this ‘to your total attribute total maximum.’ Also I think you would normally KO on one attribute at zero. Possibly adjust the effect of painkillers downwards so that you KO at 2 attributes at zero, or you get to roll on END each turn to stay wake when an attribute at 0, or something. As usual, the rules are not overly detailed.

The Body Stall injector is a one shot hypo, the drug has other fancy effects but essentially it is the only KO drug I could fing trawling the books, which explains why it is so expensive.In Agent.


((there was so much snow I couldn’t go to work-so on time tonight))


I still can’t find the painkillers, but your explanation is fine.

If you are just looking to knock people out by hypodermic for a few hours, then it would be a lot cheaper than Cr.500 a pop. I have reduced the price to Cr.30 and given you 20 of them.

I have removed one of the LI goggles for Arvor.

This now reduces the cost to Cr.14,525.

Good news about the snow!


Not much snow here in Canada (Southern Ontario, at least). We have had an extremely mild December. Must be our lack of commitment to reducing greenhouse gases. (Personally I am something of an environmentalist, but our government is an ignorant Thatcherite type).


(gonna be harder and harder for the Thatcherites to deny “something” is happening soon enough: weird “wacky” weather (as our corporate news dismisses it glibly) is starting to occur with dismaying frequency…;-)

When we get to it, reduce Grim’s armor cost by the Flak, he’s got a dark colored improved cloth armor suit he already bought, so he can wear it under his Torso protector (now painted matte black)…



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