Mustered Out on Mertactor


Buying The Goods

Everyone meets for breakfast once again. William agrees to key over his spare Cr.50,000 to Arvor (still not quite sure yet that he can trust Max 100% not to just skip off with his cash as soon as he has taken that and the loan from Grisst).

“Thanks, mate,” Max says as Arvor confirms receipt. “‘Opefully, once we’ve done the tradin’ trip to Pavabid and another one back to Collace, we should ‘ave built up a nice little bit o’ capital. Then you can ‘ave your 50k back an’ I’ll take my 20k back an’ what’s left is pure tradin’ an’ expenses money.”

Everyone finishes their breakfasts and then attends to their tasks for the day. Taeva starts buying the cheaper pieces of kit that no one has an objection to, leaving the more expensive items until there is a consensus on whether it’s really necessary or not."

Max calls Ana Pyriem and she agrees to meet with him and Arvor at the bank at 11.00. Max and Arvor check the contracts which she has prepared, thumb them in agreement and then Ana releases funds into their account. Once they have the funds, Max and Arvor head back to the sellers.

Together they spend a good while checking the goods very carefully in order to make sure that there are no nasty surprises in store. The seller is a very large Collacian corporation though; another advantage of buying very basic goods is that there are very few risks compared to buying goods on the black market.

Once Max and Arvor are satisfied, they sign and pay for the goods and spend the rest of the day they oversee the packing of the goods and their loading onto the Forine Rover.

Everyone meets up for dinner again. Taeva tells the others that most of the goods will be delivered the following day. Neither Grim nor William have found freight or mail yet. Max says that, now he and Arvor are free, they will help with the search the following day.


Arvor has a “Pro Tem” rank 4 in Imperial Navy he should be able to pull. He will ask his control for rank recognition, on the argument that mail would “lend legitimacy” to the Trader.


Apologies to Taeva – but Arvor has taken care of his LI goggles – they are just such a useful item to have!


Actually I rolled to see how long it would take to find mail and it came up as six days, so we never got to the rolling to see if they would actually trust you with it.


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