Mustered Out on Mertactor


Day Before Departure

Autumn and Max are busy once again, but there’s not so much for the others to do other than act as minders.

Grim oversees refuelling of the ship ready for departure.

They all meet up for dinner. Max looks a little disappointed today.

“I found fack all in the way of freight,” he says. “There’s fack all that this shithole makes that they’d want on Glisten. Still, a grand a ton is chump change compared to what those grav modules are going to bring in.”

“The fact that Aki is a shithole has been good for passengers though,” interjects Autumn. “Unfortunately not so many can afford high passage though. So we’ve ended up with four highs and two mids, one of them being Maria Chan, of course.”

“What’s she doing anyway?” Max asks.

“Nothing much,” Autumn shrugs. “Just drinking gin. She seemed very relieved when I told her we’re leaving tomorrow morning.”

“Anyway, early night for everyone tonight so that we are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to greet the passengers tomorrow.”



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