Mustered Out on Mertactor


Max's 'Big One'

Max was only out for four hours on his buying trip before he returns to the ship with Arvor and Taeva in tow once more. He’s bouncing around with excitement like the others have never seen him before.

“I found it!” he exclaims. “The Big One!”

The others all look at him with puzzlement evident on their faces.

“Just met the captain of the Empress Svetlana, an A2 in the bar. Their J-Drive is fragged and they haven’t got the readies to pay for repairs. They’ve got 15 tons of grav modules in their hold that they bought on spec with a wholesale value of MCr. 2.7. I managed to knock him down to MCr. 2.3 for the lot.”

The others look a little nervous.

“But that’s nearly all our cash in one trade,” Taeva says.

“We’ll have half a mill left after that,” Max replies. “But this is the last opportunity we’ll have to make some serious coin for a while. I reckon we can pull in a mill on this deal. After we’ve been on our spending spree on Glisten and we’ve spent a big chunk of our capital, we won’t be able to do juicy deals like this any more, so it’s the last chance to pull a big one for a while.”

The party members discuss the offer. Being naturally suspicious – especially after the disastrous venison deal – they decide to do some checking before allowing Max to make the deal. Grim heads off with Max to meet the engineer of the Empress Svetlana to check that their J-Drive really is broken. It is. The Empress is an old vessel and it looks like the engineer has been pretty lax with maintenance.

Satisfied that the captain’s story isn’t just that – a story – they ask to test the grav modules. Taeva and Arvor remove the modules from the Princess’s air/raft and replace them with four randomly chosen from the 15 tons on sale. They then accompany Max as he flies around the block a few times. They all agree that they seem fine.

Confident now that there’s no scam here, they shake hands on the deal and arrange for some stevedores to transfer the cargo over from the Empress to the Princess.

“We’ve still got 45 tons of empty hold as well,” Max says. “I’ll spend tomorrow seeing if there’s some freight I can fill it with so that we’re not just shipping dead air.”

“How’s the hunt for passengers going, girl?” he asks Autumn.

“Pretty good,” she replies. “The low berths went very fast. Shame that Renee is taking one of them up as I could already have sold them all twice over at least. I’ve also got several mid-passengers on stand-by. Only two highs at the moment, but I’m hopeful that we can fill all six staterooms with highs before it’s time to leave.”

Satisfied with a good day’s work, everyone has an early night.


Whoo boy…


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