Mustered Out on Mertactor


Let Aki Eat Cake

Because of the loose ends that remain untied here, the party members decree that neither Max nor Autumn should wander around Telmat – or even just the starport – without a couple of minders in case of any reprisals. Arvor and Taeva agree to go with Max, while Grim and Will take the lighter duty of going with Autumn, leaving Jie and Black Betty to secure the ship.

They all meet up for dinner. Max is looking very pleased with himself.

“Finally shifted the 28 tons of cake,” he reports excitedly. “And we made a packet on it – 100k. So that’s everything sold now. Just need to find something tasty to buy now and we’re sorted.”

Although everyone is pleased with the profits from Max’s last few trades, they are still impatient to get off Aki as soon as possible.

“How much longer do we need to stay here?” asks Will.

Max shrugs:

“Hard to tell. The more gear I look at, the better than chances of finding something really tasty.”

He can tell that the others just want out – even if they miss out on the chance of making another 100k or so by waiting a few more days.

“Just give me another 48 hours, OK?” Max asks.

The others agree.

“So shall we book a departure time of 0900 on 042?” Autumn asks.

The others agree and settle down to another tedious couple of days on the planet.



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