Mustered Out on Mertactor


Max's Bad Day

The party members are up fairly early for breakfast and discuss their plans for the day. No one is that keen on doing much, having seen the previous evening what a crowded dump Telmat is. Everyone is keen just for Max and Autumn to get the business finished as quickly as possible so that they can move on to Glisten.

“Well I need to go to the bank to pay the mortgage and try to sell the gear,” Max says.

Arvor volunteers to go with him as his bodyguard in case Max gets into any trouble, which Max is more than happy with. Jie accompanies Autumn as she restocks the fresh food for the pantry. Grim spends the day pottering around the outside of the ship, checking on how the repairs that he made on Weiss are holding up. The others just mill around in the ship, knowing that it’s preferable to wandering around the crowded and expensive city.

Everyone reassembles in the evening. Max doesn’t look very happy.

“I managed to get a good price for the quail’s eggs, but didn’t even get offered full wholesale on the rest of the gear,” he moans. “This is our last chance to top up the kitty before we get to Glisten and so I want to carry on looking. I might need a few more days.”

No one is particularly happy at spending much longer on this underwhelming world, but accept the fact that it will be worth it if Max can add another 100k or so to the bottom line.

“If we have some time to kill, then maybe we can earn a bit of extra cash on a little job,” Arvor says. “I was checking one of the specialist websites for PI’s here and there’s a missing person job on offer. There wasn’t much info on the posting – just a number to call for anyone who’s interested. There’s 50k on offer.”

The others shrug, not particularly bothered either way. Deciding that they have nothing else better to do for the next few days anyway and realizing that every little bit of extra cash will come in handy, they decide to at least learn more about the job.

“OK,” Arvor nods. “I’ll give the number a call in the morning and we can decide if we want the job then.”

The others agree and then head off for another early night.



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