Mustered Out on Mertactor


Arrival on Aki

Although Aki is a relatively small world, its proximity to the system’s secondary star means that the Princess had to emerge a fair distance from the planet and so the ship spends the best part of the day slowly heading towards the world as fast as the M-Drive will take her.

Arvor continues to monitor the scanners throughout the trip, but sees nothing out of the ordinary – just a few traders heading either to or from jump distance, as could be expected to be seen from a relatively off the beaten track world with a Class-B starport.

It’s late afternoon by the time Aki can be viewed through the viewport and Jie receives a final approach path to Aki Telmat downport. Seemingly completely covered in smog, Aki looks like a pretty uninviting world. As Will follows Jie’s flight path, the Princess passes into the world’s atmosphere and through the clouds of pollution. In places, there are breaks in the clouds revealing kilometre after kilometre of dirty, city sprawl which seems to stretch on forever.

Ten minutes later and Will has the landing lights of Telmat Down ahead of him and brings the ship down safely, before taxiing to the ship’s allotted gate.

Max and Autumn are waiting at the gates as they open to reveal a couple of bored looking customs inspectors. They glance at the passenger and cargo documents and then come onboard where one checks the passengers’ and crew members’ passports while the other accompanies Max down to the cargo bay. He asks Max to open a couple of containers up and peers in. Seemingly satisfied, he stamps the paperwork and joins up with his colleague, who signs off Autumn’s passenger manifest. They finish with a warning about no weapons being allowed on the world, wish everyone a pleasant stay on Aki and then disappear, allowing everyone to leave.

Will heads to the low berth area and resuscitates the occupants. To his relief, all of them make it through fine although, as usual, they are a little confused and groggy initially. One by one, the passengers collect their belongings, say their farewells to each other and the crew members and head on their ways.

“What shall we do with Renee?” Will asks. “Wake her up here or take her to Glisten?”

“Aki is a bit low-tech and not a particularly pleasant world to spend any time on,” Autumn replies. “Better to take her to Glisten where she can receive the best medical care and prosthetics in the subsector.”

The others nod in agreement and so Renee stays in the fridge.

“And who has got the Broughton videos?” Autumn asks. “Wasn’t the deal with Broughton that we release them into the public domain once we got off Weiss?”

Arvor is still curious about the unresolved antics aboard the ship during the journey.

“I want to follow Ceglarski to see what he is up to,” he says.

“I’ll come with you,” says Grim.

“Maybe someone should follow Bryan as well,” Arvor adds.

“Sounds like a job for you, girl,” Max says to Taeva. “As we all know, subtlety is not Jie’s strong point.”

Taeva nods. “I’ll keep an eye on him.”

It doesn’t take long for those who are following the leads to realize there is definitely something strange going on with the passengers.

Ceglarski hangs back a little, stopping at a newspaper kiosk to browse a while as the others go on ahead through the crowded passenger terminal. Once they are nearly out of view, he starts to follow them at a safe distance. Ceglarski is obviously an expert at this. He looks around constantly to make sure that he is not being followed himself and it is only Taeva’s excellent stealthy skills that keep her from being spotted.

The two other low berth passenger, Mikel and Ben head off away from the others heading for the bus station. David Chester, the engineer waves the other mid-passengers farewell and heads for the taxi rank.

The others – Bryan Fairbrother, Maria Chan and Colin Havers all head to the metro together. Despite the fact that Bryan had no contact with the other passengers during the trip because he was in the low-berth for the duration, it becomes immediately apparent to Arvor and Grim that Chan and Havers know him, because the three of them are obviously now travelling together and chatting amongst themselves.

It is therefore a strange procession heading towards the metro station. Bryan, Maria and Colin, being followed by Arvor and Grim, plus also Ceglarski following who is, in turn, being tailed by Taeva.

Taeva calls Grim in with the information. She can’t tell, however, whether or not Ceglarski has figured out whether the group is being tailed by Arvor and Grim.

The groups arrive in the filthy, overcrowded metro station, the stench of body odour permeating the entire place. As soon as the metro arrives, the threesome get on it. Grim and Arvor get in a carriage a little further back; Ceglarski a couple back from them, and Taeva in the last carriage.

The metro journey downtown is a long and uncomfortable one, with all the spies having to carefully scan the stations at every stop to ensure that the threesome don’t get off and get lost in the crowd.

Eventually the threesome get in a middle-class suburb not too distant from the centre of the massive city. Those following get off as well, and the trailing begins once again.

What might be classified as a middle-class suburb in Telmat is still a disgusting slum area on most other worlds; the sidewalks teeming with a mass of humanity. Everyone is hassled by beggars every few yards. The threesome walk for maybe 500m until they arrive at the Comfee Inn, one of the affordable, ‘capsule’ hotels where a ‘room’ is around the same size as a low-berth.

The threesome enter the hotel. Ceglarski watches them from around a street corner, almost totally hidden in shadows as it is completely dark now and there is little in the way of street lighting in the city. He appears to be waiting; smoking a cigarette while telling the procession of beggars to fuck off.

While Taeva still watches Ceglarski, Will and Arvor head into the reception of the hotel. There is not much to see in there, however – it has no bar or restaurant – just a small lobby area with an elevator and stairs which presumably lead to the rooms above. The threesome must have gone to their rooms already. While Will gets chatting with the receptionist, Arvor takes a look at the register. He sees that the threesome are using the same names as they used on the ship – the same names as on their passports.

With the threesome all locked up in their rooms now, presumably, Will and Arvor decide that there is little else that they can do, so they head out to meet back up with Grim and Jie. Arvor calls Taeva and tells her that they are taking a cab back to the ship. Taeva agrees, but decides to keep an eye on Ceglarski a while longer, telling the others she will meet back up with them later.

Taeva watches Ceglarski observing the party members getting into a cab and heading off. A couple of minutes later, he stubs out his cigarette and hails a cab himself. He speaks with the driver for a few moments and then the cab heads off – in a different direction from the party members’ cab so it is obvious he is not following them.

Taeva makes a note of the cab’s number and company. She then looks up the address of their offices, then hails another cab to take her there. She waits around for half an hour and then heads into the offices. After some ten minutes of flirting with the owner at the cab offices, she gets the information she was after. The cab dropped off Ceglarski at a bar called The Crooked Billet.

“What’s that place like?” she asks the owner.

“Facking shithole. Rough as hell,” the owner says with a frown. “Fights there nearly every night. Bunch of villains there. I’ll tell yer, love, if yer boyfriend is hanging out with the kind of folks yer find in a place like that, yer better off without him anyway.”

Having the information she needs now, she thanks the owner for his help and then heads out of the offices before catching another cab, which takes her back to the starport.

It’s pretty late by the time that Taeva gets back due to the vast size of the city and distance from downtown to the starport.

The party members have a debriefing, but see no benefit in spending any more time on this situation which seems to have nothing to do with them or the Princess – better to just continue on to Glisten as soon as possible. So everyone heads for their staterooms to get a decent night’s sleep.


Intentions? Anyone got anything special they want to do here, or is it just a case of Max doing a bit of buying and selling and then Autumn finding passengers for the next leg to Glisten?


And of course looking for mail.


I would like to tail Jan Ceglarski into the city, find out where he is staying.


Looks like whatever was going on might not have anything to do with us. Maybe Cegarski or whoever was messing with another passenger? Let’s get outta here before we’re blamed!


Grim’ll tag along with Arvor and help Recon/Investigate if he wants company?


Sure, recon is always easier with two.

For Nick – I just picked up Suplement 5-6 Vehicle Handbook – is it ok if I design a vehicle for us? I love doing detailed design stuff.


‘Wait a minute, Will was talking as we left the ship and it seemed like he’d just said something that made a lot of sense. Not unusual for him, but I can’t quite remember what it was. Oh well, we’ll get him a pint of the local brew on the way back, that’s probably what he wanted’, thinks Grim as he pulls on a coat and filter mask and follows Arvor…


(@Dom, if you’re taking requests…6 seater, armor, and removable Grenade/Missile Launcher mount please?)


Mmmmm, a pint. Thanks Mate.

@Dom: and a secret smuggler’s hidey-hole big enough to stash a body in.

Are we taking the renegade daughter to Glisten?


as far away as possible and on a backwater world (after surgery) I’d imagine


The initial carrier design is in the Chandlery thread in the forum. I hope the ring mount and gun shield will do the trick for you.


YeppaYeppa! That looks great! Arvor and Grim can go vehicle shopping on Glisten and have one cstomized/built while Will is recuperating from his bionic enhancements!


I think perhaps someone should also tail Bryan the million credit man. “Follow the money”.


When discussing new vehicles, Max says he’d like one of these:


@Nick – yes, I remember that episode. Nice city car. our Grav carrier would probably bear some resemblance to that – in ruggedness. It is hard to imagine anything shaped like that flying at 525 km/h though.


I am working this weekend so won’t be logging on till about 17.30 BST.


So I got together what I think is a best compromise over in items.

It fits in the air/raft spot, costs less than 1 million, and seats 7. Perhaps we can even get something back on our air/raft? (List 275,000)


Way coool, Dom. I think it looks great and the price is right.


I spotted some cool stuff on the web – seems we are getting into TL 9! <http: />


Oops – <TL-9>


What is the final price?

What is Max’s estimate of how much we will have?


Right there under cost: Cr 786,850. We seem to have 2.3 million in the kitty, with expectations of another 200,000. I can’t find Nick’s quote as to our cash situation, but I think he updated Kitty recently.


So we’re looking at 800k for the Grav, 35k for Armortec Coats, and 200k for the VaccSuits. That’s allowing for Russ and Steve’s initial VaccSuit designs with 50k thrown in for “extras” like Grim’s PRIS Goggles or Will’s Thruster Pack. Nick? What’s our cash position, taking into account that we’ve the stop on Aki still before we hit Glisten?

BTW, kudos to our perceptive GM for spotting ground zero in the coming Zombie Apocalypse…,0,6360405.story


As I recall Max wanted about 1 Million left in the kitty as a buffer and for trading.

I would like to actually buy some stuff that my character wants and want to ensure there is some money to pay for some of it . That is not unreasonable. I am probably already having to settle for a vacc suit I don’t regard as optimal(skinsuit) and an expemsive vehicle which I put at lower priority than other kinds of equipment, so I would like to buy at least some of the things I need.

If its 2.3 mill minus 1 mill for kitty that leaves:

1.3 mill – 800k -35k-250k = 215k left over, split in whatever fashion 6 ways. (plus possible 200k)


That’s cool, Steve. The only thing Grim wants to do (besides the group activities of VaccSuit, Armortech, GravSled) is add a Gauss Pistol to his arsenal and buy a few replacement RAM grenades, so you guys can use any extra cash from my share for whatever!


I can’t remember where I posted Max’s figures either. The Kitty figures are correct as upon arrival at Aki (i.e. 2.3 in cash and 0.5 in goods).

Max needs to pop to the bank to pay the latest, now overdue mortgage payment, which will bring it down to 2.1+0.5, giving you a net worth of 2.6.

Max will initially argue that he would like to keep a kitty of 1.5 in case some juicy cargo of cheap gemstones or something becomes available in a high-trade port like Glisten, but he can be talked down to keeping just MCr.1 in the kitty. Another 200k mortgage payment will become due if you are planning on staying a month on Glisten.

I need to roll the dice some other time, but you’ll get about 50% of the price of the old air/raft as trade in value as well.

So you are definitely in the right ballpark regarding what you can happily spend and still have a fair bit left over for personal purchases as well.


In terms of splits (which I don’t think we ever formally agreed – someone will correct me if I am wrong).

I believe that we need to respect the ownership shares of the ship – in terms of cartage earned, so all earnings from carriage of passengers and cargo, after ship-running expenses (and damages) are deducted, should be split according to ships shares – benefitting Max, Will and Taeva primarily as far as I know.

Earnings from the “miscellaneous ops” we all engage in, such as profit from sale of goods, and commission from various clients should be divided evenly.

I think this division would avoid any unpleasantness about people being able to “buy their own things”, and give credit where credit is due (pardon the pun).

It would come at the expense of maintaining two sets of books, but it is pretty easy to calculate passenger and cargo revenue and ship running/repair costs. Perhaps (if he wants all this) Steve could do the calculations in a separate Wiki page and keep track of shareholder status?


Of course replacing the ships’ air/raft with a quasi military vehicle could earn a steady 4T cargo income for the ships’ owners ;).


If not Steve (as prime benefactor), then I would be willing to maintain the Purser’s log (as a card carrying Sheldon acolyte).


And as an acknowledgement – damages caused as a result of various ops should be paid out of group profits, not ship running costs.


Will owns no ship shares. He’s just a plebe like most of the rest.


Grim looks at Arvor, then tabs his comm open for Taeva to hear, “Well, what should we do? Wait?”

(correction to Will; we all Jie, Arvor, Grim, and Will own a little over 1 ship share. Taeva owns a little over 7 shares, and Max a tad over 4, if I’m not mistaken)

(without getting into details, maybe we could just say Taeva gets an HEV suit while the rest of us get standard TL 14 Vaccsuits? Then Jie and Will could have the money to equal our Grim, Arvor, Taevas_] cyber upgrades? this would make it rounding up_] 800k Gravsled, 300k Vaccsuits [thats a full 100k over the base as set by Jie, so it should give Taeva an HEV?, 50k for small arms and Armortech coats, and 100k to 200k for Jie and Will for Cyberclaws and prosthetic wangs? sound right? this would max out at 1.35 MCr, at the very high end of Max’s comfort zone, especially given that we’ll actually end up with 800k after the mortgage payment in another month…)

(@Nick, the recovery time for those of us who had cybernetic augmentation on Collace was 5 weeks, am I right to assume the same for Glisten? Or is it a week shorter due to the higher TL?)


@Will. Ah – I had simply assumed that you early generous investment in our little group had netted you some longer term benefit (as I think it should).


Will has the Cr100k for his upgrade. He will then be as broke as the rest of you.


Jies’ offer to gift everyone 21,000 credits from her Collace Investments still stands (This still depends on if she can get the cash transferred from Collace to Glisten in time for a shopping spree) This is small compared to the pay-off of the cargo but every little bit counts, and it’s Jies’ way of saying that you guys are cool travelling companions. After this whole Glisten venture if everyone could send me the info of your Vacc Suit I will attempt to make an Items page. Take your time though, a recent storm shorted out my external hard drive power cord denying me access to all my stored information about Traveller. I will be able to talk about technical stuff again in about 6 to 8 business days.
As for Aki, Jie maintains a careful vigil onboard the ship monitoring the scanners for local activity and communication channels for news . This world just looks desperate and she will take no chances of another hijacking.


I was a bit tetchy other day (bad week)soirry if it came across.

I’ve been thinking.

Of the 2.5 MCr, and putting 1 MR credits aside for reinvestment, that leaves 1.5 MR. Forget the potential extra 200k and resale of air raft for now.

That leaves 15 shares at 100k per share dividend.

My original thought on buying cre vacc suit thread was to let ship buy them all, but frankly it seems a can of worms as my potential HEV suit is expensive and everyone elses expectations of a suit also understandably vary considerably: some want skinsuits, some boarder suits some both, some minimal upgrades, some specialist upgrades etc etc.

I’d say divvy up the sharesss and let everyone buy the suit they want, with the things people have mentioned as mods suggestions. Pretty much everyone can then have the suit they want.

Taevas share would come to 700k; the suit she wants will cost maybe 200k, plus 100 k on other gear. SHe doesn’t need the extra 400k right now so after 10k pocket money she is happy to put this into the ship upgrade or investment pot-say 400k back.

With the potential extra 200k and a prospective 100k for the old raft that brings us to 700k, which is getting close to Dom’s prive for the grav tank.

If we can pick up a job in Glisten or borrow 200k from the investment pool then everyone gets what they want and everyone is happy. The other stuff like bots, armotec suits etc costs reletively little.

The easy way to resolve the Will thing is to give the Captain an extra share.


Thanks for all the kind words re Will, but I think Nick already did a job ensuring all of us were treated fairly on the ship shares thing. Will is a happy camper.


Steve’s idea works for me! Grim would put around 30k into a VaccSuit, 10k into weapons, ammo, and Armortech, less his resale on his current GelCloth and current VaccSuit, then he’d be perfectly happy to donate the remaining 60k plus to the GravSled!



@Steve – I like the idea. the extra share thing could be viewed as “in lieu” of the normally larger salary the Captain would normally attract.

Arvor’s vacc suit will cost him Cr 51,175 (see item here).


Steve does make some valid points. If Jies’ New Years gift of 20K to each of you gets in the way of easy calculations she can happily give out New Years Cards, the expensive kind with the pop-out paper galaxy and the Imperial March music that plays upon opening. After all the dust clears I would still like to make an Items Page with everyones Vacc Suit styles on it and links to already made Pages. (Super excellent Arvor Vacc Suit table!)
On Aki, Jie can stay on the ship and co-ordinate the various teams using her Comm skills. Black Betty is close at hand.


So after ten minutes, Arvor will ask Grim to hold off and watch the outside, and he will go in and approach the desk. Assuming none of the (followed) party are visible, he will check our the lobby – see if there is any bar or such.


Grim keeps watch.


Grim keeps watch.


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