Mustered Out on Mertactor


A Special Celebration

To everyone’s surprise, there are no more strange events caused by the passengers during the remainder of the voyage.

With the ship due to emerge from hyperspace later in the evening, Autumn prepares a lavish final dinner from everyone. At the end of the dinner, Max emerges with a couple of magnums of champagne.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he announces. “Today is a very special day for my companions and myself. It was exactly a year ago today that the six of us met for the first time on Mertactor. Little did we know then what adventures we’d have together over the following twelve months and how we’d all become such good mates.”

He clinks glasses with the other party members.

“To friendship and many more good times ahead!”

The festivities continue until 11pm, when the klaxons sound, indicating that the Princess has now emerged from hyperspace and most of the crew members have to excuse themselves to prepare for the final ascent to Aki.

After all of the recent problems that the crew have faced upon emerging from hyperspace and the journey to starports recently, Jie plots a circuitous course to the planet. Arvor watches the scanners intently, half expecting yet another Gazelle to appear on screen to cause more problems for the crew.


Everyone is now a year older than they were at the start of the campaign. Please amend your character sheets if you haven’t done so previously.





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