Mustered Out on Mertactor


The Poker Party

After breakfast the passengers go back to playing poker. They really seem to be getting into it in a big way now because none of them are experts – they are all quite evenly matched and none of them seems to be making much at the expense of the others.

They carry on playing after lunch – having now decided to raise the stakes to Cr.5 per hand. After lunch, they are still going strong. The banker, Colin Havers, seems to have picked the game up quicker than the others now and seems to be winning the most. He suggests that they raise the stakes once again to Cr.10, which the others accept.

It’s getting late now and Ceglarski suggests a change of scenery, which the others agree to, having now been sat in the passenger lounge for 16 hours. Havers suggest that they all retire to his stateroom, which the others agree to. Max grabs a couple of bottles of wine and they head off to Havers’ room.



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