Mustered Out on Mertactor


Passengers & Purchases

By the end of the last full day on Weiss highport, there are more happy faces around the dinner table. Grim and Teava have finished all the repairs now and Unguin’s Princess is looking as good as new.

Max is also happy, having found a supplier who is able to fill the hold with a weird and wonderful selection of trade goods including 28 tons of black forest gateaux, 2 tons of quail eggs, both of which products he is pretty sure will attract good prices on hungry Aki. In addition he has bought 10 tons of cotton and 20 tons of lederhosen, all of which he was able to acquire at around 80% of wholesale.

“I was hoping to find something more expensive to buy at a good price now we’re pretty flush with cash again, but there’s not that much of value on the market of a shithole world like this,” Max explains."

The combined value of the goods is not that high at a total of Cr.237,500, but risks are low and he hopes to make a Cr.100,000 across the cargo.

Arvor’s attempt at finding mail has been less than successful – there just doesn’t seem to be anything available here as SDC operates a regular jump-3 route directly to Glisten that gets the contracts.

“I haven’t had as much luck as I would have hoped with finding passengers,” says Autumn a little sheepishly. “I’ve only managed for find four middle passengers and three low berths. Same problem as Arvor – most passengers are heading for Glisten and prefer to go direct on the SDC subsidized merchants.”

“No worries, darling,” Max reassures her. “Every little helps.”

Everyone has another early night so that they can prepare the final details for the 15.00 departure the following day.



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