Mustered Out on Mertactor


More Repairs & Sales

Grim and Taeva continue to toil away every day for another three days. All of the exterior work has now been finished and Jie is despatched with a broom and a large pot of pink paint to make it all look nice again. Grim and Taeva are now working on the power plant.

After three fruitless days of either buying or selling, Max is in a good mood again as he announces that he has managed to sell the 10 tons of biodiesel for 125% of wholesale, making a cool Cr.225,000 profit on the deal, leaving just the 10 tons whisky in the hold.

“I was offered 5% over wholesale on the whisky, but that hardly pays for the freight from Grote. I reckon I can get more from it on Aki, so better to keep it.”

“How is it looking for mail?” he asks Arvor.
“Not so good,” Arvor replies. “I will carry on looking, but I haven’t found any yet.”

“How are the repairs going?” asks Autumn.
“Pretty good,” Grim replies. “Just Arvor’s turret and the monthly maintenance left now. The power plant is fine again now. Another couple of days and we should have her back to A1 shape… or A2 shape to be more precise.”

“So if we book a departure slot for the afternoon of 027, you should be finished then?” Autumn asks.

“Yes, unless there are any unforeseen disasters, that should be easily doable.”

“Fine,” Autumn nods. “I’ll start looking for passengers from tomorrow morning then.”



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