Mustered Out on Mertactor


Fencing the Fighter

On the second full day at Weiss highport, everyone continues with their set tasks. Grim and Taeva continue to make good progress throughout the day, having finished much of the exterior work by the end of it.

At dinner time, Max rolls in with a wide grin on his face.

“Prepare to be happy, gang,” he beams. “I’ve managed to find a fence who’s willing to take the wreck of that bloody fighter off our hands.”

“How much for?” asks Grim.

“800 grand,” Max replies.

“But they’re worth MCr. 4 new,” Grim replies a little disappointed.

“Yeah, but it wasn’t new and it wasn’t strictly ours to sell in the first place,” Max replies. “There’s no paperwork with it, no warranty and no nothin’. And it ain’t easy to find a big-time fence with that kind of cash available for purchases of this size. And that 800k will come in very ‘andy to compensate for the money that we lost on the venison.”

Having earned little over the past few weeks, the others agree with Max – the 800k certainly bolsters the party funds quite nicely. Max insists on ‘a big night’ out as way of celebration, the first time they’ve properly had a good night’s entertainment since Grote. Everyone rolls back to the ship in the small hours of the morning.



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