Mustered Out on Mertactor


Dewart's Daughter

There’s a big difference as to how the party members are treated during this debriefing compared with the one they had with Broughton. As Dewart promised, the party members are treated well by the cops and they get the respect that they deserve forr being true heroes.

It is still, however, a fairly time-consuming exercise and so it is 2.30am before Dewart and the party members have completed their witness statements and are allowed to leave.

As they leave the police station and head towards the ATV where a bored-looking Max is waiting patiently for them, Dewart looks concerned, however. He asks them for a lift back to his precinct.

Seeing that Dewart has something on his mind, Taeva flicks on her pocket scrambler in case anyone is snooping on them.

“I have a bit of a problem,” Dewart says with a deep sigh.

The party members are all ears.

“It’s my daughter, Renee,” he starts. “She’s a good kid, but a bit of a rebel. You know what kids are like – she thinks that she can change the ’Verse for the better single-handedly. While she was studying Political Science at University, she started hanging with the wrong crowd – Swordies – rebels – freedom fighters – terrorists. Pick your own label.”

“I was with the precinct commander while he was interrogating the Swordies you took down at the Helm. Turns out that they are part of the same cell that Renee is involved with. The Swordies have spilled the beans as to the location of their safehouse and there’s a SWAT Team going in at dawn to clean the place out.”

He pauses.

“Naturally I’m worried about her. I am her Dad after all and she’s the only person I have in my life after my wife left me because of the drinking. She’s a feisty one – she’s not the type who is just going to surrender when the SWAT Team arrives, so I fear the worst.”

“There are other factors at play here as well though. As you know, I’m not well-liked in Schwarzstadt. There are plenty of people who think that I’m a Swordie sympathizer and, if Renee is found working with them, then they will have a field day with the information. My political career will be over and there won’t be anything that I can do with the tape on Broughton.”

“So what do you want us to do about it?” asks Taeva, knowing full well what the answer is going to be.

“I’d like you to go in there now and get her out of there,” Dewart says, laying it straight.

“And then what do we do with her?” asks Will.

“Well if you are planning on leaving Weiss as soon as possible, I thought you could take her with you,” Dewart answers. “Just drop her off at the next world you’re planning on visiting.”

“But isn’t that kidnapping?” Will asks.

“It’s for her own good,” Dewart replies. “It’s not going to be permanent – after all, I want her back here. Just give me some time to release the Broughton tapes and then things should change around here.”

Will still seems to be uncomfortable about this.

“Let me give you 250k,” Dewart says reaching for his datapad. “That’s all I’ve got. Half for you for looking after her and give her the other half when you drop her off. Then she can make her own way back.”

“Can you give us something in writing so they know that we are doing this at your request?” Will asks.

“Sure, I’ll record a video message and send it to you,” he agrees. “It will have to be a quick one though. There are just three hours before the SWAT Team goes in.”

The party members agree to the deal and get as many details as they can about the safehouse. They drop Dewart off at his home and get some rope from him in order to scale the building. He beams them a copy of the video message he prepared and then wishes the party members good luck before they head off to the safehouse.

It’s just 20 minutes away from Dewart’s place – a rundown block in a ghetto area. They scout the place out and see that there are four Swordies guarding the building, with one at each corner.

Leaving Max and the ATV to keep an eye from the outside, they head for the adjacent building. Taeva throws the rope up and easily manages to scale the outside of the building, jumping from balcony to balcony as she ascends. She holds the rope steady while the others join her. She then leaps across the gap between the building, landing effortlessly on the roof of the safehouse building. The others attach themselves to the rope for safety and all make their way over the gap.

There’s a locked door leading from a roof terrace, but it doesn’t take long for Taeva to crack it open. She then leads the party members down to the second floor where the safehouse is located, with Arvor following her.

They make their way silently down the stairs until they get to the last section of it where Taeva stops in her tracks as she sees a Swordie sat on the stairs. Taking aim with her gauss pistol, she carefully puts a shot between the Swordie’s eyes and he slumps over, before tumbling down a couple of stairs. Alerted by the thud, another Swordie comes to investigate. Taeva takes another shot, but this wound only injures the Swordie who screams out an alarm. The time for stealth is over.

The party members rush down the stairs. Arvor heads to the main corridor and peers down it, seeing a couple of Swordies lurking in doorways. He quickly takes one of them out. As the party members spread out either side of the corridor, one of the Swordies comes up the stairs, taking the party members by surprise. Arvor finds himself on the receiving end of the Swordie’s machine pistol which nearly drops him.

The others prepare for the other two Swordies who were watching the back of the building. Jie gets hit by one of them, but brings the Swordie down. Grim has a close call when the other comes through a doorway and ducks under his volley, but Taeva manages to take the Swordie down before he can do any more damage.

Jie, Grim, and Arvor manage to clear the remaining Swordies in the doorways, leaving the corridor clear. Carefully the party members make their way down the corridor, investigating the rooms as they go, but no more Swordies appear as they lurk in ambush for them in the safehouse at the end.

Jie is the first into the safehouse, and receives another blast from a machine pistol for her bravery before taking the Swordie down. Arvor enters the other doorway and he too gets hit again before taking the Swordie down.

With no more targets in sight, the party members are about to start searching for Renee from room to room when a small shape appears from one of the other rooms and hits Grim with a volley, most of which doesn’t make it through his armor, however. Arvor wheels around and shoots the girl in the leg, the explosive blast of needles from his gauss pistol taking most of it off as she slumps to the ground, unconscious.

William immediately gets to work on Renee, giving her a shot to keep her unconscious and bandaging her ragged and torn leg before turning his attention to Arvor and Jie, who don’t seem to be in much better shape than Renee is. While Will is attending to the injured, Taeva and Grim quickly go through the rooms. There is a decent amount of plastic explosive and detonators on a table in one of the rooms at the end of the corridor plus a pretty decent armory, most of it comprising the machine pistols that most of the rebels were using. None of it is of the calibre of any of the party members’ weapons, however.

Once Will has finished patching up the injured, Taeva and Grim take one of Renee’s arms each and they make their way back to where Max is waiting on the street corner in the ATV. He then drives back to the Motel.

En route, Arvor calls Dewart:

“We took delivery, but the package sustained damage in transport. The damages were serious but not a write off. We will ensure full repairs are made at no additional cost of course, and we believe that it will be fixed as good as new.”

Dewart sounds worried:

“I really hope that the package survives OK. Please take care about it – it holds great sentimental value to me and I would be heartbroken if any was to happen to it.”

“You’ve kept to your side of the bargain and so I am keeping to mine. I will do whatever it takes to get your vehicle out of the shop. You need to hold tight for a few hours so that I can all around and call in a few favours. Rest up for a while and I will call you as soon as I have more information.”

At this time of night, the roads are clear and so it takes Max only another 15 minutes to return to the Motel. Unsurprisingly, Autumn is fast asleep, as are Axle and Bomber.

It’s been a long hard night for everyone, with only Will managing to escape the last nine hours without any form of injury. He plies Renee with some Medical Slow drug in order to assist in her recovery and to keep her calm and then he, together with the rest of the party members get a little rest.

They sleep through to around 10.30 when Arvor’s commo goes off. It’s Dewart:

“I spoke to someone at the shop. He thinks that he can help get it out of the parking garage. Can you meet me there at noon and I will introduce you to him?”

“Yes, that will be fine,” Arvor agrees.

He wakes up the rest of the party members to tell them the news.

Everyone is now keen to get away from Schwarzstadt as quickly as possible and so everyone packs their belongings into the rented ATV while Autumn settles up the bill. Once everything else has been taken care of, the still sleeping Renee, Axle and Bomber are transferred into the trunk of the ATV and Max sets off in the direction of the downport.

After twenty minutes of driving through the intense Schwarzstadt traffic, the party members are getting close to the downport. They notice, however, that there seems to be a great deal of commotion going on in the area as their ATV is passed by a succession of police cars plus some ambulances and a few fire tenders, all heading in the direction of the downport.

At the entrance to the downport it is gridlock as police have the road blocked off and are only allowing emergency vehicles into the starport. They wait in the ATV for ten minutes before everyone starts getting impatient.

“Why don’t Autumn and I stay in the ATV here while the rest of you go on foot to see if you can get in?” Max suggests. “I’ll give you a call as and when we can get through the blockade.”

The others agree and so leave the ATV, concealing their hand weapons, while leaving their heavy artillery hidden in the back of the vehicle.

They walk by the traffic and head to the gate where they find some harassed Downport Police officers trying to manage the traffic. They don’t seem too concerned with pedestrians, however, and so the party members are able to walk right by the road block and through to the terminal.

Once they are inside, Arvor calls Dewart:

“We’re at the downport now,” he says.

Dewart sounds stressed:

“Where are you?” he asks.

“Just outside the Astroburger,” Arvor replies.

“I’ll meet you in there in ten minutes.”

The party members head into Astroburger. It is lunchtime and they are all pretty hungry anyway.

They are just finishing their burgers when Dewart arrives. He looks even more stressed than he sounded on the commo.

“So what’s going on?” Arvor asks.

“The shit has really hit the fan big time here,” Dewart replies wearily. “The bigwigs who were in town for yesterday’s Imperium Day were taking a shuttle back up to the highport. Duchess Avaraja Astaarte Muktheswara of Glisten’s son, the 17 year old Count Alselm Muktheswara, is there together with several diplomatic flunkies and bodyguards, plus CEO Karl Harrison and Director of Security, Pietro Grissom, who were also onboard to see his lordship onto the royal yacht which should be taking them back on the royal yacht.”

“That was the plan, anyway. Twenty minutes into the journey, the pilot tripped the emergency switch to indicate that a hijacking had taken place and then returned here to the downport.”

“Half an hour ago, one of the hijackers called in with their demands. They are members of the Swordie Weiss Liberation Organization with a list of demands before they will release the hostages.”

“Firstly they are demanding the release of twenty political prisoners, some of which are the ones that we took down at the Golden Helm last night. Others are the ones that seem to have been the ones hiding in your cargo that got you wrapped up in all this mess in the first place.”

“Secondly they want a public statement across all local media admitting SDC’s ongoing ‘oppression of the people’.”

“Thirdly they want Three MegaCredits in small denomination chips.”

“Finally they want a minimum J-2 capable ship with fuel purifiers fuelled up and parked outside jump diameter that they can all transfer to in order to get their escape – plus enough fuel for the shuttle to get there as they realize that there is not enough fuel onboard to get to jump radius at the moment.”

He shakes his head.

“All the authorities here are running around like headless chickens as normally this would be Grissom’s job to clear up as Chief of Security. No one wants to take control of the situation in case they screw it up and any of the important hostages get killed and so their career will be over.”

Dewart sighs deeply.

“Until this mess is resolved one way or another, I can’t see how I can get anyone to sign off the release of your ship.”

The party members spend a while discussing ‘the mess’ with Dewart.

“Well we have a J-2 capable ship,” says Arvor. “Perhaps we can volunteer it to the the terrorists’ transport out of the system?”

“That shouldn’t be too hard to arrange,” Dewart replies. “I can’t see too many other people volunteering MCr. 60 worth of ship for a job like this.”

“Before we jump in though, let’s have a plan for sweet revenge,” says Will. “It’s quite possible that they don’t need a crew, just a ship. Perhaps we could be the stowaways this time and surprise them? You could have a skeleton crew deliver the ship and that crew could then shuttle back with the released hostages.”

Dewart nods. “That can be arranged. With the CEO’s life at stake here, they will be ready and willing to use all of the resources that Weiss has to offer, including the planetary navy.”

“Maybe we can dress in Hostile Enviroment Vacc Suits with our weapons and hide inside our fuel tanks?” Jie suggests. “We could use the drones as cameras to the inside and observe our enemies then go through a portable access hatch to start the big surprize? Perhaps a variation on this theme?”

“The tanks are modular and are almost empty at the moment,” Grim comments with a nod. “It shouldn’t take me too long to seal off some connecting pipes and also fashion some sort of access panel that we can creep out of.”

“And I think that I can reprogramme the ship’s computer so that I can control the bridge from my handcomp.”

“I’ll add a few traps as well to even the numbers up a bit,” Taeva comments. “And we should definitely rig up some tranq gas to the life support system to knock out as many of them as you can.”

“The plan sounds fine to me,” agrees Dewart. “Just remember that we don’t have an infinite amount of time to do this. I can stall them for a few hours saying that we’re in the process of getting everything arranged, but if we try and delay too long, they could start killing the hostages.”

With the outline of the plan having been agreed, Dewart takes his leave. “I’ll just run the plan through with whoever is supposedly in charge of this mess. Stay here and I’ll call you when I have the greenlight.”

Taeva calls Max to fill him in on developments.

“No worries, girl. Autumn and I are gonna go back to the motel with the passengers. Best of luck and give us a call when your back.”

Thirty minutes later and Dewart calls Arvor:

“OK, it’s all arranged as per what we discussed. Your ship is in Hangar 6. The guards there have been ordered to allow you entry. Keep me informed as to your progress so we know when to allow them to take off.”

Everyone heads off to Hangar 6, where they are overjoyed to be reunited with the Princess. She’s still in the same scorched and beaten-up condition that they left her in. They enter the ship and are relieved to find that, even though the cops on Weiss are mainly sneaky, colluding bastards, at least there is no petty pilfering as, although someone has had a good rummage through everything and there are clothes and other personal belongings tossed all over the floor, at least nothing appears to be missing. Upon entering the cargo hold, they are overcome with the stench of rotting venison as the refrigerated containers were left open and unpowered.

Knowing that time is of the essence, everyone sets to work immediately. Taeva starts rigging up the tank of tranq to the life support system and then starts to set charges in key area of the ship, trying to keep them out of sight. Will works feverishly at the ship’s computer, programming in overrides and syncing up the files with his handcomp.

Grim, assisted by Arvor, starts to cut a hole in the roof of the cargo deck into the fuel tank and then they start to seal the ducts to the other parts of the tank.

Without having any specific tasks, Jie gives a running commentary to Dewart about their progress. As the hours pass, Dewart is getting more anxious as the terrorists are getting increasingly nervous and threaten to start killing hostages on the hour from 18.00 onwards.

A tender arrives to recharge the life support system and to restock the galley.

By 17.15, Grim and Arvor have finished creating the hidey-hole above the cargo bay. The join is far from invisible but fortunately, due to the damage that the Princess sustained when it was fired upon by the Gazelle that was hastily fixed up by Grim and Taeva, it doesn’t look to out of place.

The party members clamber into the hidey-hole and Jie calls Dewart for a final time to tell him to let the skeleton crew come onboard and that they can launch at will.

Will’s handcomp glows in the pitch blackness inside the cramped hiding place as he flicks between the cameras around the ship. He sees the three members of the skeleton crew come onboard and take up positions. Ten minutes later and they feel the ship shudder as the pilot taxis the ship out of the hangar, heading towards the runway. The ship stands still for another ten minutes before all can hear all the thrusters firing as the Princess takes off.

The party members try and get comfortable as they can for the long and uncomfortable journey to jump diameter with some of them getting a little sleep before what is likely to be a very long night.


Hope Will is good with prosthetics. We probably need to keep her in low berth until we get her to a place with decent surgical capabilities, and this wil take a chunk out of our cash.

BTW – gauss guns (at least to the best of my reading in the docs) don’t shoot explosives.


(changed that to “explosive blast of needles” for you, Dom, though “the armor piercing needle from his” sounds cool too. I can’t remember if he fired a burst or a single…)


LOL! As I keep reminding people, Grim is a qualified Cyberneticist, as well as having baseline Med training, so, if he and Will (both with C Edu ratings) were to combine on a surgery they’d have a pretty good sucess rate!

Will’s roll for Surgery, 2d6+1+1+2.
Grim’s roll for Cybernetics, 2d6+1+1+2.

These would include Comps, Skills, and Edu Mods. Now, we’d just need to have a mech leg available…Hey Nick! Are there any second hand cybernetics shops around Weiss? It doesn’t really matter if the used leg we pick up is too short, Grim can rig up a shim to keep her from walking in circles! Though it should be for the correct side…Oh, never mind, I think I’ll just have Grim use that ATV jack for her femur and a spare shock absorber for the lower leg! She’ll make a cool ratcheting sound whenever she sits or stands as the servomotors shorten or lengthen her thigh lever!



Well I for one keep forgetting Grim’s true talents. Why is Will languishing with negatives to his STR and DEX when his good friend and skilled cyberneticist Grim has access to all sorts of cool engineery stuff? I can save a cool KCr100 and get a dextrous bionic hand made entirely of stripped bolts and corroded drive plasma conduit for free! Is the cyberneticist in?


Of course! Let’s see here, the discount for friends is plus 50%, and the markup for using old starship parts is plus 75%, so Grim can fit you with a perfectly servicable hand made from spare parts for 125% over the listed cost! Just remember there’s no warranty, implied or real. Oh, and don’t get it wet. Or try to use it for anything requiring any level of motor control. I tell ya, I’m getting excited about this project! The looks on ladies faces at fancy dinner parties as Will pulls the glove off his uncontrollably quivering, insectoid looking, Unguin’s Princess pink and black hand will be awesome to see! Why, I can just hear him now…“So ladies? Who wants to be the first to touch it…?”




For some reason I’m a bit uneasy taking Dewart’s life savings for “kidnapping” the kid. I wouldn’t be averse to using that money to get her fixed up. Seems to me that getting our ship back (even though illegally held) is payment enough. Makes it seem less like kidnapping somehow.


Agreed on either giving the money back or using it to fix her up.


Checking on DSAP, it looks like you’re right, Dom. They are not HE – the warhead looks to be more chemical based. So you probably just pumped her leg full of depleted uranium instead!


So, in order to move things on, I need to know what you are planning on doing next. It’s currently around 4.00am.


we need a progress update on ship.


Agree with Steve. Without the ship we have a whole different plan to come up with. We should also of course let Dewart know the mission was relatively successful.


Will pumps Renee full of happy and sleepy drugs. Assuming Dewart has cleared our access to the ship, and we can get there post haste in our air/raft, we board and clear for take-off. Autumn can create a complete passenger manifest entry for Renee in case we are customs-checked – as the daughter of a wealthy parent shipping her to the imperium for expensive surgery.

As far as disclosure – we should radio Dewart “We took delivery, but the package sustained damage in transport. The damages were serious but not a write off. We will ensure full repairs are made at no additional cost of course, and we believe that it will be fixed as good as new.”


Agree with Dom re: Renee, and disclosure to Dewart of “package sustained damage in transport. The damages were serious but not a write off.”

@Nick, re: ship status, what is his response?


Here’s some loose ends.

  1. Our patron- Jeri has sent us on some seemingly straight missions only to find out there are rebels, pirates and more rebels waiting at the end who know our every move and try to kill us. It would seem that every deal with her strengthens the Anti-Imperial resistance in the boarder worlds that we travel through. Jie really has no qualms with Anti-Imperium sentiment but would like to get her due hazard pay if Jeri really was supplying them with fuel and guns.
  2. We need a cats’ ass Air/Raft. One that holds 7 and a nice mounted gun would be great.
  3. Steve brought up the issue of unified crew Vacc Suits. Glisten would be a nice place to buy those.
  4. Our 2 Assassin decoys we have drugged up at the hotel. I vote we put them on ice in the low berths so that when we find Dr. Karolina Apfelbaum’s killers they can I.D. them. We then put them out on the next world so they can not readily stir up Sword World sympathies. We should not kill them being that we should save our bullets for the killers.
  5. (by the way, could Jie borrow some HEAP Auto Pistol bullets from someone. That last bar fight all her bullets kept bouncing off the Sword Worlders thick skin, Thanks)
  6. Our next move should be to locate the assassins that shot Karolina right in front of us. They probably traveled in a scout class star ship and Autum has its flight path they took as they left the High Port on 015. Jie has 22 tons of payback to deliver to them and she hates to be late.
  7. Who hired the Assassins? Sternmetal Horizons, the owners of the Mithras prison planet? The smartly dressed middle-aged executive named Malcome who was pissed that we escaped? The controllers of the secret prison that undesirables were sent to never to be seen again except under a coroners sheet?
  8. I vote we take Dewarts money ( we earned it). We heal up the kid then freeze her next to the 2 assassin decoys and as planed dump her off on the next planet with the last of her Dad’s cash and a lie that does not mention him. The least we could do for the honest cop is not tell his daughter that he hired mercenaries to kidnap her and kill (or really maim bad) her Sword World buddies. We’ll just blame it on the Imperial Naval Intelligence bureau and she’ll fall for that.
  9. On Glisten Jie can re-supply the Holovid library for the ship. Hope you guys like Action-Adventure!
  10. From a safe distance in orbit download the contents of Broughtons disk to the Authorities that Dewart told us about then hit Jump space as Wiess sorts its self out.

On a personal note, Jie again sends an X-Boat message to her financial agents, Tezzic and Hughes Investment and Export Firm based on Collace to liquidate her Iridium mining investments and send the resulting money to Glisten in the form of Imperial Credits. She had sent messages like this from each world capable of this kind of communication since we all decided to go to Glisten. hopefully there will be lots of cash waiting for us all in the Tech level 15 world.


Agree with Russ on many points, with following comments:
1. Who’s the Zhodani agent? Will loaths all anti-imperialists and advocates simply shooting Jeri should we ever see her again.
5. Sorry, Will has only gauss rounds.
6. Didn’t the assassins head back to the prison world? Glisten’s in the opposite direction but I think we should head there first, which I think is what Russ is advocating. Will would like to get his cybernetic upgrade if possible (not happy with Grimstead’s offer to fleece a teammate), but that would delay things for the 5 week recovery period. I’m ok with skipping it but Will will hear no more complaining about his lousy driving, flying, shooting, knocking over of beer mugs, tripping down ship’s ladders, falling into Autumn’s lap, etc.
8. Agree with not telling Renee the full story, but Will votes to return any money left over to Dewart, believing his help in getting the ship released is enough. Still, I’ll go with the group on this one.
9. Will only watches romantic comedies.



Taeva has 50 clips of snub heap.


Apologies for my quietness over the past three days but I have been having horrible problems with internet connection.

Let me pause here to see if there is anything else you want to do before you head to the starport (and hopefully leave Schwarzstadt for good).


We need to file a full report on this place with the right people when we get to Glisten. This is ridiculous. I cannot believe that the Imperial administration would not be all over this serious impediment to trade.


1. Jeri – whatever.
2. Yes, we should get a wicked grav-APC at Glisten
3. New kick-ass vacc suits – plus some better personal armour for casual city use if possible
4. Agreed we don’t kill decoys. They can ID assassin. I suggest we “turn” them instead.
5. I don’t think autopistol can shoot HEAP rounds.
6 & 7. Yes, we need to do something about assassins. However, they are clearly connected to Sternmetal / Mithras goings on, and are probably just paid hitmen. We need to solve Mithras mystery. I say we pursue Mithras issue as top priority – we still need to decide whether that means follow the assassins, or something else.
8. We (of course) take Dewart’s money – but we take care of Renee out of pocket.
9. As long as there is some cloak and dagger content too.
10. Perhaps we release it at our jump destination – not here first?


My preference as far as sequence would be:

Equip ourselves with cool and specific gear including Grav APC, CES, weapons. Conduct secret landing on Mithras and infiltrate that mining camp. Find out what the hell is going on….

We still have our employee suits.

They won’t expect us to return there.

– secret landing.
We could charter another vessel to get to Mithras (with our vehicle and gear). Perhaps even arrange a mid-air drop (of the APC). Or we could disguise our ship and do same.

- Camp infiltration

We could go in guns blazing, or have one/two of us secretly infiltrate. Possible points of entry would be the regular convict transfer. We could even all get in if we hijack the transfer truck – but then we would be “guns blazing” as soon as we got inside.
If we were on the inside with some gear, we could probably hit communications in the initial surprise, stir up the prisoners, then we would need to get to whatever admin block and find evidence of what is going on. Prisoners may know – so one team could work with interviewing/snatching prisoners, the other with the admin block interviweing guards, searching/grabbing paper work/computers. It would have to be very quick, in and out before they can oprganize and vector in support.


Good heavens. Well, we smuggled ’em in.


Grim doesn’t have a Snub?!!!!!!


As Mithras had an insystem Gazelle and a very keen air defence system and tracking I don’t think a sneak landing is an option.

Run and inform someone else-we’re not the Imperiums policemen/ women.


Grim has both a snubbie and a full sized weapon. As a true gentleman he is always equipped to handle any reasonable request from the ladies.


LOL @ Grim!


@swampedbybunnies “As Mithras had an insystem Gazelle and a very keen air defence system and tracking I don’t think a sneak landing is an option.”

That is why stealth (aka subterfuge) would be required – perhaps even an alternate vessel.

“Run and inform someone else-we’re not the Imperiums policemen/ women.”

These are the type of comments that get my back up. Quite unnecessary. You have already made it quite clear you are no one’s lackey – at least not without the right inducement.

The chief reason I want to tackle Mithras is one of professional pride. We lost someone in our charge – and we know those bastards did it. As long as we are not pursuing that case, we are out of integrity. Sure we can report to the Imperium and get a new mandate to pursue the matter, but I for one and not willing to let it just drop. By all means argue for some other means to accomplish the aim (of un-masking her killers), but I don’t think we should simply slough off the matter of failing to protect her. For that matter, what about our professional reputation?


On the matter at hand: it so happens we are a jump-2 ship. Perhaps we can work it out so we are parked outside jump radius?

I would expect the ransome demand to be bargained down to say 10 prisoners, so we stand a chance of handling them. We would have all our weapons, time to booby trap the ship, arrange fire corridors etc. It is either that or the raid on Entebbe scenario. We could participate in that if it folks have doubts about the ship option.

Just options or ideas – I am sure they have already been thought of. I will be camping next weekend, and WiFi over 3G plays terribly with Hamachi (but fine for clear text). I doubt I will be able to play.


No need to snap- yet again you are being overly aggressive.

There are very good reasons for not going back to Mithras, and Taeva is utterly unwilling to do so. This unwillingness is somewhat amplified by the fact that we were somewhat dragged into Karolina’s affairs against her better judgement. She held her peace at the time to avoid party disagreement but its time to state her views as she believes the plan being proposed is wildly over optimistic, and frankly suicidal.

We have very short memories if we forget that we were pretty much outfought, outgunned,and out thought by the authorities on Mithras. We were lucky to escape alive and only did so because of the intervention of Karolina, and even then we were successfully stitched up.

The crew of the Princess vs. The Planet of Mithras is a wholly unrealistic scenario.

While Taeva isn’t too happy at Karolina’s assasination, the fact is we will be very lucky also to escape from our current planet: heading back to Mithras is asking for trouble.

The well equipped and resourced Imperial Authorities are far better equipped to deal with a multi planetary/ Sword World insurgency plan/ conspiracy than the half dozen crew of a tramp trader. So give them the info and let them- as a loyal Imperial citizen you’ll then have done your job.

If Arvor (or anyone else) wants to head back then fine. Max and myself would logically take the ship to Glisten in an attempt to pay our very expensive overheads and earn money as traders. That is after all, presumably why we bought a trading vessel.

As far as I was aware we had already had this Us. vs. a whole planet discussion back on Mithras (in fact a larger conspiracy in all likelihood) and decided then it was a bad idea.

I understand that Arvor might want to get personal revenge for Karolina but the fact is life is unfair (especially in Nick’s universe: we can’t expect all the ends to tie up neatly and the heroes to always triumph just because they are heroes). I don’t think going back to Mithras is realistic or wise.



Well, it took me a full 24 hours to recover from Black Sunday weekend (our nickname for Mother’s Day at the restaurant), but I’m back to normal now. Twenty years ago I woulda shrugged off three 12 hour doubles and nine hours of driving by Monday morning, lol. Aging sucks! Ah well, as my boss always says, “the alternative is worse”. He’s a natural leader and master of morale, he is.

So, where were we? Oh yes, deciding whether to go back to Mithras and avenge Karolina if we make it off Weiss intact. While I am for eventually going back to settle the score, I think we should continue onwards towards Glisten first, upgrading our little band at the soonest convenience. Grim, for one, would like to stop having to watch William hit himself in the nose with the cereal spoon on every third or fourth attempt to get the food in his mouth during breakfast due to his natural gracelessness. Plus, he’s professionally interested in the quality and pricing of Will’s prosthesis, his own rather generous offer having been somewhat rudely declined. (Let me know if they offer you custom colors to match our uniforms at no extra cost, Jay)

Anyway, I agree with Dom’s comment on the “matter at hand” regarding the ship and offering ourselves up as transport. It would be nice to get those bastard stowaways back on the Princess under our terms so we could let them off when we decided it was cool. Say at the outer jump limit, without VaccSuits…

(Grim carefully turns the Deputy Imperial Prison Authority Junior Assistant Trainee, 3rd class badge that Karolina had given him over in his hands, examining it as though it could bring back his dead lover. And the child she carried. That’s when the tears started in earnest. They stopped just as suddenly though, when he noticed the stamp across the back reading “for ages 8 and up”…)

Grim/Ian, ready to go this Sunday (20th), scheduled to work the Sunday after (27th), free after that for a few ;)


Check out “DVD” @

Still LMAO!

…Hey! Wait just a minute, who made Grim a submissive Vargr? And anyway, he’d have bristly Black fur with a white stripe on his forehead, and he’d talk like a wolf, not some lap dog…yeah that’s more like it…“Grrrrrr”…


Dang it Ian that was a surprize for when we all reached the next biggest port!! Remember that HoloVid editer chick that was with us at that time? Well as we traveled the stars she cobbled together all the old footage of us then spliced in C.G.I and dubbed our voices to make the DVD (or holovid on crystal or whatever.)

Now I have to hide my unfinished work till that time.

P.S. You’re a Wookie.


HAH! I knew I was something cool! A Wookie! Yeah!! A bad ass Wookie MoFo!

(p.s. sorry about blowing the surprise, Russ! I won’t give any more details away but I’m still chuckling! For god’s sake, who knew Will Shaunnessy had a 10 inch…)


Other things are even bigger than his wallet! Can we go look at Uncle Russ’s porn-shoot Momma Grim? Can we?

Oooohhh, Uncle Will IS big.


@swampedbybunnies – it seems our comprehension is very, very different. When you write “Run and inform someone else-we’re not the Imperiums policemen/ women.”, I take that as pure snark, with a side order of condescension.

When I reply “These are the type of comments that get my back up. Quite unnecessary.”, you accuse me of being “overly aggressive”. I think if you were able to read the entire context from a neutral position, you would realize that a simple response such as “these are the comments that get my back up” can hardly be construed as aggressive, whereas as telling someone to “run along and tell the imperium” is hard NOT to construe as condescending at the least, and is very much of a pattern when it comes to many of your communications regarding Arvor.

Frankly, if you don’t care for the way I game, or portray my character, or choose to take risks, I don’t really care. I have a busy, and wonderful life, a beautiful wife and daughter, and a good job programming in C++ for scientific applications. I shall be camping on a lakeside in 25 degree weather this weekend. I have nothing to prove to anyone. The only reason I push back at you at all, is to help inform you that you are crossing a line with me, and to provide you with an opportunity to stop.


Very well stated Dom. For my own 2 cents I find text to be a hard medium to express the nuances of language. The non-verbal aspect of communication is totally lost in here, and it’s easy to misconstrue an innocent remark. We are all educated men who enjoy using our imaginations to while away a couple of hours in the week by overcoming obstacles and gaining a deeper understanding of all our characters. Often our ideas clash, but if we exercised some patience and empathy with each other I’m sure that these unintentional snags would resolve themselves.

Talking about snags, as I understand it we are still in the middle of traffic surrounded by the best of Weiss’s well-armed military in a cheap car with 3 hostages in the trunk and a pile of illegal weapons on our persons. I vote that for right now we beat a very unobtrusive yet hasty retreat to gather our thoughts.


Nope – currently you’re talking to Dewart who has just told you about more rebels grabbing more hostages at the starport and that everything is on lockdown until the situation resolved.

He seems to be hinting that this is a job for a rag-tag bunch of troubleshooters who are desperate to get their ship release ;-)


LOL! Really? [snarkily raises eyebrow ;]

“…they want a minimum J-2 capable ship with fuel purifiers fuelled up and parked outside jump diameter that they can all transfer to in order to get their escape – plus enough fuel for the shuttle to get there as they realize that there is not enough fuel onboard to get to jump radius at the moment…"

“Until this mess is resolved one way or another, I can’t see how I can get anyone to sign off the release of your ship.” says Dewart.

“Well then, it seems we have no choice but to ‘volunteer’ the Princess as that J-2 ship.” replies Grim.

(OOC as per Dom; “…it so happens we are a jump-2 ship. Perhaps we can work it out so we are parked outside jump radius? I would expect the ransome demand to be bargained down to say 10 prisoners, so we stand a chance of handling them. We would have all our weapons, time to booby trap the ship, arrange fire corridors etc. It is either that or the raid on Entebbe scenario. We could participate in that if it folks have doubts about the ship option.” I’d rather do the ship, Entebbe seems tougher, but they’ll be expecting a doublecross somewhere in the proceedings, and, as the jump is the last step in their chain of demands, it’d be logical to assume they’ll be ready for us…?)


Doesn’t look like we have much choice. Before we jump in though, let’s have a plan for sweet revenge. It’s quite possible that they don’t need a crew, just a ship. Perhaps we could be the stowaways this time and surprise them. Dewart could have a skeleton crew deliver the ship and that crew could then shuttle back with the released hostages. Dewart could claim(with only a slight lie) that the ship was forfeited by a bunch of terrorists working with Broughton and so Weiss doesn’t lose much by giving it to the kidnappers.


I like the poetic justice aspect, lol!


So, since it’s our own ship and it’ll be close quarters, I assume Grim’s AutoRAM Grenade Launcher (“sweetness”) is out?


Dom; you are continuing this in a massively confrontational style. If you don’t want a confrontation don’t speak in the way you do. Your last paragraph is not neutral or necessary it is simply aggressive.

I am unconcerned with any other player’s private life- yours included: I don’t pry and this is simply a game. I cannot honestly see anything in my original comment-and I am allowed to comment- deserved any sort of accusation or negative comeback. You might disagree with my assessement but that’s a different point.

If I make a comment as regards someone’s character’s plan being a bad idea-and I think Arvor’s plan re. return to Mithras is a bad idea- I don’t really expect a snap as a comeback. Taeva is allowed as a character, and I am allowed as a player, not to go along with every single idea/ plan Dom/ Arvor wishes to pursue. Anyone is allowed to disagree and have an alternative with regard to anything anyone else says, and then be responded to with the normal minimum degree of courtesy rather than being snapped at.

Seemingly you are unable to accept this as regards pretty much anything I say, and consequently continually ‘cross a line’ with me. If you don’t ’dig’I will have no need to respond. Frankly I often just say nothing on the boards as I am aware that as soon as I say something that disagrees with yourself it will often get a fairly unpleasant response from yourself; nobody else does this.

This is a game I play once a week for entertainment on a sunday evening. I try to play it in a way which I think is both in character and balances character survivial. I try to avoid playing it in a way which I don’t think is appropriate for the campaign-eg my perception is that if we do something stupid that is our own fault Nick will have no alternative but to let us kill ourselves/ end up in severe trouble. I don’t think its the A Team or Flash Gordon style-wise (the heroes always win, easily. All loose ends conveniently tied up).

If trying to do that involves disagreeing with you I will continue to do so. I don’t expect you to always agree but I do expect common courtesy.


@ Jay, Super nice idea! Stow away on our own ship to bring to justice the bad guys who stowed away on our ship, first. All I need now is a hammer that can do 21 points of damage (Jies head is still ringing.) I know nothing about the harsh mechanics of a star ship, but as an idea could we 7 folks (or just us 5 if we’re coming back to Weiss for a victory parade) dress in Hostile Enviroment Vacc Suits with our weapons and hide inside our fuel tanks. We could use the drones as cameras to the inside and observe our enemies then go through a portable access hatch to start the big surprize? Prehaps a variation on this theme?

Note to self. Gotta get a hammer…a big’un.


At the very least, our intrepid engineer might rig up a cubbie-hole hideaway inside a fuel tank. We could make it permanent or dismountable since it would reduce fuel volume. We could rig the instruments to read a full tank. Perhaps we could then “swim” through the fuel to an exit point ( might have to create one or modify it to open from the inside (though the 55th century health & safety naughtsies have probably ensured that not even vermin can get trapped anywhere in a modern ship if said vermin have an access code, key, or paw print)).


Forgot to add: good thinking Russ!


You guys should be able to rig up an access panel into one of the fuel tanks with just a few hours. The ship is pretty beat up after the lasering it got from the Gazelle and so a few more hastily patched up holes aren’t going to look too out of place. If a single hit on a fuel tank causes only a small leak and a second hit can cause it to lose a minimum of 10% of the fuel, it must mean that the tanks are divided into small sections, so it shouldn’t be too much trouble to keep one small section empty and for the fuel tanks to still be showing as full.

My understanding is that the fuel is pure hydrogen, so no need to do any wading, you will just need to rig up an emergency airlock on the opposite side so that you don’t end up filling the ship with hydrogen.


Grim listens carefully to Will’s plan, “I think I can rig up something like what you’re after.” then, with a wink at Jie, “And while I’m at it, I’ll fix you up a weapon out of this portable pneumatic sheet metal hammer. It won’t have many strikes, but each one will be pretty devastating…”

(TL 11 Pneumatic Hammer, 3d6+2, Heft 1, 5 strikes powered then reverts to 2d6 and Heft 2, uses Melee(Bludgeon) skill, weighs 2 kilos plus 2 kilos for air reservoir, special as “mace”)


(air hammer roughly based on TL 11 “static hammer” from Centrsl Supply Catalog, pending Nick’s approval)


@swampedbybunnies – Steve – you see my push back as “massively confrontational”? Really? You don’t see how your tone could be construed as sarcastic and condescending? “Run and inform someone else-we’re not the Imperiums policemen/ women.”? Really? <shakes>

Just in case you haven’t noticed – the bits in quotes are cut and paste from YOUR postings verbatim. Anyhow, enough of this idle banter.

I shall try to connect on Sunday, but as I noted, connection issues may prevail again.


@Grim: it was Jie’s idea to hide in the fuel tanks. And a great one it was!

Re Nick’s comment about flooding the ship with nitrogen. That might be an idea if the hostages are no longer on board. Sure some would get into suits, but maybe we could “thin the herd” a bit? Or maybe we could rig up some sort of tranq gas, although the baddies would presumably be looking for that sort of trick.


@Will, Isn’t our fuel pure Hydrogen and isn’t that…kinda explodible? Tranq gas is cool though and as for whose idea it was if we stay in character there is no way that Jie could come up with a plan like that. Will however is always clever-ish.

LOVE the hammer! I’ll probibly suck using it but am willing to try. Will make the macro now!


No, in the 55th century they use only cheap imported Chinese nitrogen, which doesn’t explode. It does contain lead though.

Fine, we’ll use the tranq gas.


“Lead? That tears it, I want hazardous duty pay. Stray neutrinos leaking from these old assed engines, deckplates flying around like homicidal frisbees whenever you yahoos on the bridge decide to get us into a laser duel, even making me give guided tours of the engine room to high passengers like I’m a…[sputters]…a godforsaken Steward! And now lead in my fuel! I’m lucky I haven’t gotten hurt so far and now you want to shrink my nuts and ruin my recently enhanced IQ by exposing me to lead poisoning? Well that’s fine, that’ll be…[pulls up some figures on his datapad HUD]…here we go, that’ll be one free steak dinner at every highport we stop at plus free drinks. Hear that, free drinks? And no getting funny by making me dress like a woman for “Ladies Night Free” drinks, either. Oh, and the next time we get new DVDs for the ships library I want some of the ones where the girls are dressed up in giant fluffy bunny suits. Really fluffy bunny suits, ya hear?" {Grim storms off, still mumbling}


Grim can definitely rig up the hammer.

Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to start tomorrow’s session with the words:

“Stop. Hammer time.”




Dom-that was’t confrontational-it was just a statement of fact. We’re a two bit trading crew not really geared up to tackling problems which would reasonably require a massive resource based CIA type operation complete with Ninja assault company. I don’t read that as a dig-merely a reality check.

Leave big operations to the Big Boys.

Anyway lets agree to disagree and accept that we can both have completely different opinions-in game and in reality. These boards are getting crowded.


While I hate to damage the ship we need equalisers of various sorts: in close combat those swordies made mincemeat of us.

I thus suggest assorted radio det. booby traps, as well as a sensor/ camera grid so we know where the beggers are. Will could then be put in control of this, or Max.

Vs, a bunch of blade wielding Swordies this might be one scenario where iit IS worth turning the G plates off at some point. We can anchor and shoot our low recoil weapons.

Possibilities would include explosive traps, tangle and gas, as suggested. Given the amount of leaks on this planet we should just ask for the tools and materials and do it ourselves.


Agree with Steve’s suggestions. Might have to rig a grav override into our secret compartment. Child’s play for a super-genious like Grim.


{Grim bows low, sweeps off hat with a grand flourish}

“Ladies. Gentlemen. Thank you for recognizing true genius.”

{a fizzling sound is heard, followed by smoke coming from behind Grim’s left ear}

“Where was I? Oh yes, "

{clears throat}

“I am the very model of a modern Major-General,
I’ve information vegetable, animal, and mineral,
I know the kings of England, and I quote the fights historical
From Marathon to Waterloo, in order categorical;
I’m very well acquainted, too, with matters mathematical,
I understand equations, both the simple and quadratical,
About binomial theorem I’m teeming with a lot o’ news,
With many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse.

I’m very good at integral and differential calculus;
I know the scientific names of beings animalculous:
In short, in matters vegetable, animal, and mineral,
I am the very model of a modern Major-General.

I know our mythic history, King Arthur’s and Sir Caradoc’s;
I answer hard acrostics, I’ve a pretty taste for paradox…"

{Grim slumps to the floor, his eyes still open. across his irises flashes ‘rebooting, system malfunction’…}




Well use him as a distraction then bonk the Sword Worlders over the heads While they are still laughing.


I’ve never actually listened/ watched any Gilbert & Sullivan. I love Kipling however- jingoism aside still the best chronicler of British India (and Houstens movie of Man who Would be King one of best movies covering era).


PS to only read one bit of Kipling read ‘Kim’


That was one LONG day!


Got to agree with you on Man Who Would Be King, Steve! Excellent movie! Love Kipling, for pulp versions try old R.E. Howard ("Lair of the White Wolf, etc) they’re very light and incredibly non PC, but a lot of fun! Have never really seen any Gilbert and Sullivan myself, just caught snippets now and again. Pirates “Major General” was always one I liked though and it seems fitting for Grim. Thanks to all you guys (especially our host) for a fun session yesterday! I have to work this coming Sunday (5/27) but should be free the next…Aki here we come!


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