Mustered Out on Mertactor


Healing & Interrogation

For Max, Taeva, Jie and Arvor, the night was filled with strange sensations – it felt as if it lasted forever. When they come around in the morning, it feels even stranger – all of their terrible wounds have completely healed overnight.

“It’s a bleedin’ miracle!” Max exclaims.

“No, Sir, it’s not a miracle,” the Head Nurse explains. “It’s just a Medical Slow drug.”

“Well it’s bleedin’ great whatever it is,” Max replies. “You’re a real star.”

“No need to thank me, Sir,” she replies. “Just sign here.”

She passes him a piece of paper.

“Cr. 8,000!” Max exclaims. “But we’ve only been ‘ere ’alf a day. This is daylight bleedin’ robbery. I pay my taxes … well, I’ve paid some taxes.”

The Head Nurse sighs.

“Here is your datapad, Sir. Now are you going to pay or do we undo all our hard work?”

Cursing to himself, Max keys over the cash to the hospital.

“Right, we’ll be off then,” Max says with annoyance. “Before you charge us for overtime.”

“Not so fast,” a guard says. “You’re coming with us.”

The guard cuffs him and takes him away. Other guards take Taeva, Jie and Arvor. An hour later and all of them join the others inside the cells at the police station.

An hour later after everyone has been assembled in the police station cells, Will is taken out of the cells and taken to an interrogation room.

An officious looking Chief Inspector introduces himself as Charles Broughton.

“Now, tell me exactly what happened, from the moment you left Mithras to the moment the SWAT team cuffed you.”

Will starts to go through everything that happened to the best that he can remember while Broughton scribbles some notes, picking Will up on certain points and asking him to clarify. Broughton is a humourless character who puts the pressure on Will as much as he can, picking up on every mistake he makes. The interview takes three hours before an exhausted Will is taken back to the cells. Then it’s Grim’s turn who gets much the same treatment, although this time it only takes a couple of hours. Karolina is third in, again for another couple of hours. She is followed by Max who also spends two hours being interrogated.

By the time he gets to Autumn, Jie, Arvor and Taeva, Broughton seems to be tiring, or else he’s pretty much satisfied with the information that he has already received and their interrogation lasts less than an hour in each case.

Broughton refuses to answer any questions that the party members put to him. “I’m here to ask questions,” he says snidely. “Not answer them.”

It’s late in the evening by the time Taeva, the last one to be interviewed, is led back to the cells, by which time, everyone else is asleep or wondering how long they are going to be stuck in this place.



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