Mustered Out on Mertactor


Life in Jump

After a couple of days onboard Unguin’s Princess the novelty of having good food, good drink and good accommodation after the ten days in Prison P239 starts to wear off, and everyone returns to spending the majority of their time on their personal training.

Having now taken his driving of grav vehicles experience as far as he can, Max now spends his spare time in one of the ship’s vacc suits down in the hold with the grav plates turned off, learning how to best operate in the suit.

Karolina spends much of her time working. She is very interested in learning as much as she can about Sternmetal Horizons methods and the inner workings of their prisons as the party members are able to give her in recorded interviews which keeps her busy for the first few days of jump. She spends the rest of her time writing a long report of the party’s time undercover including a long list of recommendations for improvements that they should make. In a separate report, she also describes everything that the party members learned about the ‘secret base’.

Once both reports are completed, she asks if they could keep encrypted copies on the ship’s computer in addition to her own copies on her handcomp.


I will pause here for a day or two in order to spread things out.

Feel free to do some stuff in jump. Otherwise I will move things forwards to arrival in Weiss tomorrow.


Monday is very cool with me. I’ve never done Play by Post combat (or story) sounds long and complicated, but I’m willing to try anything. Jie, as usual, trains with her lazer carbine.

Happy Easter Folks!


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