Mustered Out on Mertactor


Recceing the Base

Jie successfully drives the ATV through the night and, shortly before dawn, she hands the driving over to Will. Within an hour of taking over the driving though, Will fails to see a small ravine and he manages to roll the vehicle, crumpling it quite badly.

It takes quite a bit of pushing and digging to get the ATV going again, but they are finally on their way again (now with Jie driving).

The sun comes up and everyone starts to watch the skies anxiously in case there are any aircraft above. At midday, however, Arvor spots a base on the horizon, halfway up a hill, exactly at the triangulation point. Hiding the ATV well out of the way, they then head the rest of the way towards the base on foot.

Once they are up close to it, they see that it appears to be another mining base which appears almost identical to P239, although security appears to be tighter, with more guard towers and better equipped guards, armed as were the ones who took the prisoners two and a half days earlier. There is also a sentry on duty with some skoggie desert dogs.

The party members debate what they should do now. Jie and Arvor are for infiltrating the base. The injured Taeva and Will are very much against it. Grim has the deciding vote and he too decides that it is just too much of a difficult exercise when they are so poorly equipped and with Taeva injured too.

Agreeing to go with the majority vote, Arvor calls in to Karolina to tell her the news. Although she is a little disappointed that they haven’t been able to find a ‘smoking gun’ she says she will pay them half the agreed amount – Cr.200k – for the location details. She says, however, that she needs to ensure that they are a distance away from the base before she extracts them, otherwise they might give the game away if they are picked up right next to the base.

The party members agree and head back to their ATV. Arvor remembered that there was a cave close to where they parked the vehicle and so they park the vehicle there to ensure that it can’t be seen from the air.

They then wait for six hours until the sun sets and then Jie takes the driving seat, driving the vehicle due north in the direction of Circle City, trying to put as many km between them and the base before sunrise.



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