Mustered Out on Mertactor



The party members are up at 0600 as usual, feeling tired after another short night’s sleep. All are excited at finally leaving the dull routine of the prison, but also a little nervous at the plans for the jailbreak as there is a lot that could go wrong.

The morning’s shift is quiet once again and everyone meets up for lunch to fine-tune the final few elements of the plan. Once they have planned as much as they can, there’s nothing much more that they can do but to get into their positions and wait.

Down on the lower mining levels, it is Jie who has the task of inciting a riot – one that she has been looking forward to all day.

She checks her watch and waits until 16.30 before she starts on the task, picking on the nastiest female inmate who runs the biggest gang in the female blocks.

“LaTonya, if you don’t start pulling your weight, I am going to beat the shit out of you,” she says.

“What you say, girlfriend?” LaTonya replies. “I could kick your cracker skinny ass any time, sistah!”

Jie walks over and gives her a small shock from her stunstick. The power is set so low that it just pisses LaTonya off and she lashes out at her. Jie easily dodges and smacks her back. There are half a dozen of her gangmates down here, who all start to rush Jie. Jie starts to swing at them with her stunstick to keep them at bay. The other guards are coming to her aid now. There is nothing that the hard nuts down in the lower levels love more than a good riot to break up the dullness and so they readily join in.

Will, who is watching the monitors in the control room sees the riot and points it out to his superior.

“It looks like it’s getting out of hand, Sir,” he says. “Shall we send more guards in?”

“Shit, yes. Get the guards who are off duty down there to help them sort it out.”

Will sounds the alarms throughout the prison and tells everyone to get down to the lower level as quickly as possible.

With the riot on the lower levels now in full force, Jie shouts to the the guards:

“You hold them off, I’m going for reinforcements.”

She runs back, but instead of taking the lift, she heads down a side corridor to wait until she sees the reinforcements arriving.

Meanwhile, Arvor goes to the largest collections of prisoners he can find in the admin area and speaks to them:

“Your bosses sent us in here to break you out,” he whispers to them. “Come with me. When we get you topside, you need to run and take two of the ATVs.”

All of the prisoners are keen to escape and agree immediately.

A few minutes later and the off-duty guards are all dressed and come down in the lifts. As soon as Jie sees that they have all come down, she slips back into the lift. Will, still in the control room, sees that she is in and brings her up to the admin level. As soon as the doors open, Arvor urges the prisoners to come and get in. Will runs out of the control room and joins them, just as the doors are about to close.

Taeva and Grim are now waiting topside in front of the lift. As soon as they see that everyone is onboard, they call the lift and the elevator comes topside.

Arvor wishes the prisoners ‘good luck’ and tells them to run for the ATVs as fast as they can. The prisoners start running. There are still quite a few guards up topside as well though and they quickly run to intercept the prisoners. A few of the prisoners launch blows at the guards, but punches versus the guards’ mesh armor are not that effective, and none of the prisoners are able to bring any of the guards down. The two guards in the guard tower see what’s going on and immediately launch gas grenades at the prisoners, which brings down half of them instantly. The guards stunsticks bring down a couple more.

Arvor joins in with the fray and manages to take down one of the guards with his stunstick, making it look like an accident.

Jie can see that the guards in the tower pose the greatest threat as they are both armed with shotguns. Climbing the ladder, she lashes out at one of them, who crumples into a heap. Grim sees the other guard levelling her shotgun at Jie and knows he needs to act fast, so shoots at the guard with his autopistol, managing to drop the guard.

In doing so, however, he was spotted by a couple of the guards who both fire at him. The first one misses him, but the second guard’s shot is on target and Grim is down for the count.

Will rushes to the third ATV and starts her up. One of the guards takes out another prisoner and there is just one left standing now, a skinny, quiet belter turned pirate called Jaime Gilgilis. He leaps into the can and locks the door behind him as Arvor takes out another of the guards with his stunstick.

Seeing Grim down and with there being no other targets in sight, one of the guards rushes towards him. Jie leaps down from the tower though and quickly knocks him out with his stunstick. Taeva and Arvor take out a couple more.

Jaime takes off in the first ATV with Will coming right behind him. Jie, Arvor and Taeva take out the last of the guards, but the last remaining guard who is by the south gate brings up his shotgun and catches Taeva right in the chest, which knocks her down, seriously wounded. The guard has no time to celebrate though as Jaime hits the guard with his ATV, knocking the guard unconscious before he crashes through the south gate and heads for freedom.

With no prisoners left to drive the second ATV, Jie heads towards it in order to start her up while Arvor and Will together drag Grim and Taeva’s unconscious forms into Will’s ATV. Once they are inside, Arvor grabs the shotguns which the guards dropped, while Will heads for the infirmary to grab medical equipment which he will need to help the two injured.

While Will is grabbing the gear though, another four guards come up in the elevator. Jie stops them coming forward by running her ATV right next to the buildings, but they head back the other way. Arvor manages to take two of them out, narrowly avoiding getting shot in response.

Arvor leaps into the ATV just as Jie is getting out. Will now has all of the vital equipment that he needs and heads into his ATV.

Arvor heads out in the first ATV while Jie takes out one more of the guards and then jumps into the driving position of Will’s ATV before flooring it, setting off after Arvor.

Just when they think they are out of danger, Jie sees a flash as the last remaining guard mans the prison’s laser turret and a searing bolt tears up the desert just behind her. She heads for a ridge, knowing that, if she can get behind it, they are in the clear. Just as she reaches the top of the ridge, there is another blinding flash and then an almighty shudder as the entire roof of the ATV is peeled off like a can of sardines as the laser hits them. But Jie is now behind the ridge and away from safety.

Arvor is with them now. They transfer the wounded into the first ATV and then Jie immobilizes the damaged ATV and they set off again. Will works on Taeva and Grim and soon the pair of them are conscious again. Grim is not feeling too bad, but Taeva is still somewhat injured.

Half an hour later and it’s dusk already. They stop the ATV and Arvor puts tape over the headlights so that it will be difficult for anyone to spot the vehicle from the air while they are going. Then Will takes over the driving as they head south east towards the location of the base.

It’s tough to drive with the small amount of light coming from the headlights and Will manages to drive into a rock which bends the front of the ATV a little. After this, Jie takes over and she has a lot more luck with the driving as she carries on into the night while the others get some sleep.



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