Mustered Out on Mertactor


Tracking the ATV

Everyone crawls out of bed and heads for breakfast before the start of another working day.

Arvor tries to track the ATV using his waferjack. He can detect that it is heading roughly in a southeasterly direction. Knowing how slowly the half-tracked ATVs move, it is probably going to take a while before it reaches its destination though.

Everyone heads for work again and they all have a pretty dull and uneventful morning shift. They meet up again for lunch and decide that Grim and Taeva will try and get permission to take one of the ATVs out for testing just before the end of their shift.

At 1700 Taeva asks Guard Ulster if they can take it out for checking, but the guard is suspicious and thinks that Taeva just wants to goof off for a while and so her request is denied – he tells her that she can do the testing perfectly well inside the base without taking it out.

Taeva passes on the news to the others and they decide that it is time to speak to Karolina back aboard Unguin’s Princess. She is there and quite relieved to hear from him. Arvor tells her that they need the ship to try and pick up the signal from the tracking device. Karolina tells them that she has some experience with sensors and will try to pick it up. She screws it up completely though and manages to fry the fuses.

Taeva suggest that Max uses her handcomp to make the operation, giving him the password to it. Will talks to him via Arvor telling his how to use it. It takes a fair while for him to figure out how to do it, but eventually he manages it.

“It’s nearly due south of ’ere,” he says. “I’m gettin’ a readin’ of 183 degrees and 17 minutes.”

Arvor checks the coordinates from his position.

“OK, I think that we have it then. Looks like it is around 600km south east of here.”

They agree to check the readings again in a couple of hours in case the ATV is still on the move.

While waiting, they discuss what they should do now that they have the coordinates. Karolina tells them that they don’t really have enough to go on at the moment and that she needs more information before she pays out.

The party members discuss their options and come up with a plan for the following day, using a prison riot in order to tie up the guards and distract them. They spend the rest of the evening discussing the timings.

Two hours later they check the readings with Max once again. They haven’t moved – they’ve obviously found the right spot as the ATV is stationary.

It’s getting pretty late already and everyone knows that they have a tough day the following day and so everyone heads to their bunks to get some sleep.



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