Mustered Out on Mertactor


Arrival of the ATV

After a decent night’s sleep, it’s not that difficult for everyone to get up when the alarm goes off at 0600 and everyone heads to breakfast after taking their shower.

“So the ATV is coming in tonight,” Will reminds everyone, even though it’s at the forefront of everyone’s minds. The party members have been here for the best part of a week already and the novelty of their situation is beginning to wear off (although Jie positively seems to be enjoying bossing the inmates around."

“So if there’s anything else that we want to do before the ATV arrives, then we have the next twelve hours to do it in,” Will continues.

“We also need to discuss what we’re going to do once the ATV has left. We need a second receiver in addition to Arvor’s waferchip to be able to track it effectively.”

“I will try and knock one up during the day if Taeva can get the part for me,” Grim says.

Everyone heads off for another day on the job.

Taeva goes into the storeroom in order to collect all of the parts that Grim has listed for her to get. Unfortunately, while she is in the process of getting the parts when her superior, Donan Ulster, comes into the room.

“What have you got there?” he says.

“I was told that there are some problems with the radio,” she replies.

“You do what I tell you to do, not what you choose to do,” Guard Ulster replies.

Taeva puts the parts back and heads back. She relays the news to Grim and they work out a plan whereby Grim distracts him while Taeva heads back to the store room. This time she has more luck and collects all of the parts before Guard Ulster has chance to see her.

After lunch, Grim gets to work on the receiver. He struggles with it though, and still hasn’t finished by the time it’s the end of his shift. He asks Taeva to sneak a soldering iron out of the maintenance room so that he can continue later.

Once they have finished lunch, Will asks Grim how he is getting on and Grim admits that he has been having some problems. They retire to Will’s room where they take a look at it and Will points out Grim’s mistake with the wiring. Grim slaps himself as he sees the obvious mistake and soon has the device working properly.

It’s a little after 21.15 now and the ATV should arrive in an hour or so, so all of the party members return to the Recreation Room where they entertain themselves. The ATV is running pretty late as it is around 0030 when the ATV crew comes in.

They look different from standard Sternmetal Horizons guards. They are wearing cloth and are carrying ACRs. Jie can see that they all look a lot more proficient than the usual failed rent-a-cops that are the standard Sternmetal hires.

The party members try and indulge the guards in conversation, but they are not very chatty – either they have been ordered not to speak with anyone at P239, think that the Sternmetal guards are not worthy of their time, or a combination of both.

Once the guards are starting on their meal, Taeva slips out. They have parked the ATV right next to the Recreation block and so it is very simple for her to dive beneath the cab of the truck unseen by any of the cameras. While she is under, she cuts the connections to the main battery and also the reserve, demobilizing the vehicle. She then slips away from under the vehicle and stands around waiting for the return of the guards.

She doesn’t have to wait long as the guards come out just 15 minutes later – rushing their meal as they try to make up for lost time. Four of the guards head for the elevator to await for the release of the prisoners, while the driver and his mate get up into the cab. The driver turns the key, and nothing happens.

They try a few more times, but then give up and come outside where they open up the hood and take a look inside. They spend five minutes fiddling around scratching their heads, obviously clueless as to what the problem might be. They eventually admit defeat and the driver asks Taeva if they have an inspection pit. She calls Grim out from inside the Recreation Room and the two of them agree to help out.

Taeva uses the winch from one of P239’s ATVs to winch the broken down ATV into the garage over the inspection pit.

“This could take a while, guys,” Grim says. “So smoke ’em if you got ’em.”

The driver and his mate watch for a while, but then they get bored and head back for the canteen to amuse themselves in there, allowing Grim and Taeva to wire up the tracking device underneath the hood. Fixing the damage that Taeva caused proves to be more of a problem though. A couple of hours pass and it’s still not fixed. The guards are getting really impatient now and asking the pair of them to hurry up. Eventually, after another hour of effort, they finally have the ATV fixed.

The driver gives them a quick thanks and then they head off to the elevator, anxious to make the pick up and get out of there as quickly as possible. Grim and Taeva watch on to see which of the prisoners are taken. As widely predicted, Francesca Niebells the Psion is taken and so is Stiv the Blade, Anna Iijima the godbotherer and also Robilar Zemich, the bent cop.

As soon as they are onboard, the south gates open and the ATV speeds off into the dark night. Taeva and Grim head to their rooms in order to get a little sleep at least before it’s time to get up for their next shift in just a little over two hours’ time.


We should beg steal or borrow a normal transistor radio, and mod/tune it to the right frequency in advance.

We should also figure out a way to get out of here. Arvor will ask around amongst the guards about ways of getting leave – perhaps to go to circle city. Are there any vehicles kept in the prison garage that could make that kind of distance?


Guards usually work two months on/one month off and so you aren’t going to be approved for leave after just 6 days on the job.

There are three working tracked ATVs in the garage – building 13 on the map:


Can Grim or Taeva, working in maintenance “remove” a radio from one of the other ATVs because it “needs repairing”?


Providing that Taeva is able to make a sneaky roll, this shouldn’t be a problem.

The radio will need an external power source though and so it isn’t going to be a pocket-sized unit.


Might be an idea to sabotage 2 of the 3 ATVs if we plan to use one to escape. Also, disable comm links to ensure we can get to the star port—which, if I recall correctly is a long way away. We may need some sort of aerial support.


So, we sabotage 2 ATVs, take one, sabotage Prison 239’s comms (so they can’t summon help), track the evil ATV, gather intel about its activities, possibly confront it, escape to the star port and get our data to the lady?


Don’t forget, we’ll probably need to kill a bunch of people along the way! ;)


Hang on haven’t the company got Air Cover here? Our job is gather Intell. surely not to assault a prison? (with crap weapons)

I thought we were getting bailed out after a fortnight anyway?


Remember, Jie is willing to trade places with one of the chosen prisoners. Will could forge the papers and glue her picture over the real convicts picture and if she has to walk to the new ATV in front of other guards who would know the difference she could be escorted by two of our team with a sack over her head and the excuse of “She’s a bitter.” Jie would be packing a couple of auto pistols and a few gas grenades underneath the loose prison smock, of course. I’m sure that the newcomers would not be too suspicious that an inmate being handed over to them by Guards would be packing heat.

Just an idea. It has many flaws I’m sure, but it would be ironic that the newest bad-ass Guard of P239 suddenly becomes one of its prisoners.

I agree with Steves’ assessment of us taking on the World of Mithras. They are geared for sabotage and tracking overland escape. If we could gather intel and confront the newcomers then call for bailout, that would be well with in our contract.


Ok, fine, lol! Just that the Professor and I were working on taking over the whole planet ;-)

Anyway, Steve is right, we’re here to gather intel, then kill everybody. So Taeva will either need to sneak out a radio from a spare ATV, or we can conveniently “disable” one while checking it and yank it for Grim to “repair”, either way, and then we can concentrate on tracking them. Are we going to track their signal from the prison, or do we need to follow them? (Nick? not sure of ranges on the tracker system) Can we use a spare ATV battery to power the larger receiver? There are probably a few of those laying around the maintenance area. Otherwise we could cut into the power grid (Grim can probably keep this from showing up in main Power) by tapping into the wiring in a closet, etc. (feels just like Hogan’s Heroes, lol! GM can we make our radio look like a coffee pot or something?)

After we find out the ATV destination info should we wait until we’re relieved, report back, and await further orders? Or should we ready our tactical nuke grenades? Seriously, I like Russ idea of confronting them, but how far up the food chain does this go? If we confront the bad guys thinking that’s all they are and suddenly they call down a SDB strike, we’re toast. How aggressive do we want to be?



@Steve, what’s a “fortnight” again? I always forget…isn’t it something like the time it takes the King to eat a mutton leg multiplied by the length of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s pen…oh, wait, that’s wrong I’m sure. I vote we go metric with our time references- from now on a week has ten days and a month has ten weeks, wait that won’t work either. Damn pesky non decimal solar movement intervals, who set that up?

(it’s been a very slow day here at the restaurant, needless to say.)

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. I vote we track them remotely, wait til relieved and report in, then either confront them or not based on what our employer says.

Sure, just googled a fortnight, how boring, why not just say two weeks?


Damn. I ‘d gotten used to the shootin’ & the stabbin’ & the blowin’ things up. Why are we always the ones outnumbered and outgunned? It ain’t fair. The Man’s keepin’ us down I tell ya.


Hey all, I might be late for todays game. Birthday cake and ice cream. I have my priorities. Good luck!


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