Mustered Out on Mertactor


New Year's Day

It’s not an easy task for anyone to get out of their beds when the senior guards start shouting that it’s time for everyone to rise and shine at 0600 for the start of another day. The lukewarm showers and slop that’s served up as breakfast doesn’t help a great deal either.

And so it’s a tough morning on the job for everyone. Fortunately the majority of the prisoners also seem to be much the worse for wear – probably having been drinking the same hooch that all of the party members were drinking to celebrate the start of the New Year.

After lunch break though, the hangovers are starting to die down a little and it’s a case of business as usual at Prison P239 – as if the festivities of the night before had never happened.

The afternoon goes without incident and the party members finish their shift at 1900. Having not gotten enough sleep the night before and wanting to be on top form the following evening when the ATV will arrive, everyone heads to their beds at a sensible hour.



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